Latest Investment Ideas

Tim Begany
September 03, 2015
For Risk-Averse Investors, This Is The Fund To Own

How can you glean a great return without shouldering too much risk? This unconventional investment may be the answer...

Jared Levy
September 03, 2015
Caution: Here's Why I Wouldn't Bet On A Market Rebound Just Yet...

The pain isn't over. This is shaping up to be one of the most unpredictable and difficult years for the market since 2011. But here's how we can profit from the volatility...

Michael Kahn
September 03, 2015
This Trade Is Just Too Good To Pass Up...

Volatility is making trading difficult, but when a setup looks this great sometimes you have to take it.

David Sterman
September 02, 2015
Three Stocks That Could Double Your Investment

The ingredients are in place for a major share price move for these companies. Find out their names here...

Francisco Bermea
September 02, 2015
The Reliable Indicator That Signals Triple-Digit Gains

After countless hours of research I've discovered a reliable indicator that consistently points towards significant gains. Details here.

Joseph Hogue
September 01, 2015
These Stocks Are Making Big Moves To Enrich Shareholders

When stocks are falling, buybacks are one of the best ways to put a floor under prices.

Nathan Slaughter
September 01, 2015
These Stocks Yield 7.4%, But I Doubt You've Heard Of Them

After countless hours of research I've discovered a handful of stocks that consistently beat the market. I've dubbed them my High-Yield Hall of Fame. Details here.

Joseph Hogue
September 01, 2015
Why I'm Bullish On The 4th Most Hated Stock On The Market

When sentiment turns for this unloved company, traders could make a quick profit.

John Kosar
August 31, 2015
In The Week Ahead: Don't Bet On A Bottom In Stocks Just Yet

We are likely to see lower lows in the next month or so before the market turns back up

Michael Vodicka
August 31, 2015
Why This Market Is Perfect For Earning Extra Income

Income investors could easily just buy stocks to collect dividend payments, but this strategy allows you to generate more income in a shorter amount of time. Here's how.