Active Trading

Jared Levy
May 28, 2015
Simple Way To Make 102% In Less Than 90 Days

The market hasn't fallen 10% or more since 2011. Here's why I foresee a market correction in the coming weeks and a potential way to profit.

Tim Begany
May 27, 2015
Warning: QE Failed... Sell Stocks Now

Evidence suggests that the Fed's huge quantitative easing program did little more than over-inflate asset prices. Here's what investors need to do.

John Kosar
May 26, 2015
In The Week Ahead: Market Downside Outweighs Upside

There are three strong reasons you need to be extra careful with your portfolio this summer. Learn all about them here...

Melvin Pasternak
May 22, 2015
Old Bank's New Breakout has Big Rally Potential

Capitalize on a fresh move higher in a stock with a superb long term-chart.

Tom Vician CMT
May 21, 2015
Hated Sector Gives Its First Buy Signal in Nearly a Year

This could be the start of a long and persistent run in a beaten-down stock.

Tim Begany
May 20, 2015
Every Time A Stock Splits, This Fund Wins

Early results suggest that this fund's unique strategy -- owning stocks that recently split -- could lead to outperforming the market. Details here.

Michael Kahn
May 20, 2015
Don't Miss This Stock's Breakout 'Buy' Signal

If you're only looking at the short-term chart, you may be missing the forest for the trees. Here's why.

Joseph Hogue
May 19, 2015
2 Catalysts That Could Derail This Stock's 45% Rally

After a near-50% rally, two major catalysts could be on track to derail this company's success. Here's why it may be time to take profits and wait for a better entry point.

Tom Vician CMT
May 19, 2015
4 Dogs To Sell Immediately

Using our time-tested quantitative system, we've identified four stocks stuck in the bottom sixth percentile of the market. Here's why you should sell these falling knives now

John Kosar
May 18, 2015
In The Week Ahead: This Month's Most Important Charts

Investors need to keep tabs on the problems brewing overseas... because if they persist, these trends could eventually put downside pressure on U.S. markets.