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Michael Kahn
October 09, 2015
Chart Predicts This Airline Stock is About to Plummet

A failed bullish reversal is in danger of becoming a full-blown technical breakdown. Sell now.

Jared Levy
October 07, 2015
The Only Way To Consistently Make 1,000%-Plus Annualized Returns

By looking for stocks in an uptrend, we were able to close out a 27% gain in just four days. But that's only part of the story...

Francisco Bermea
October 05, 2015
Forget Buy-And-Hold: This System Delivers More Gains In Less Time

For more than half a century, investors and traders have used this strategy to produce unparalleled results. Learn how we've made it even more effective.

Michael Kahn
October 01, 2015
This Chart Is Too Good To Ignore

This misunderstood stock's breakout offers traders a shot at quick gains.

Michael Kahn
September 25, 2015
Sell This Big Pharma Stock Now

A trendline breakdown could result in a nearly 20% plunge in this well-known company's shares.

Tom Vician CMT
September 18, 2015
The No. 1 Market In The World To Invest In Right Now

Numerous signs point to the world's strongest market on a relative basis beginning a bottoming process.

Michael Kahn
September 11, 2015
This Beloved Stock Could Plummet In The Next Few Weeks

Shares may look cheap, but an ominous chart pattern predicts they have much further to fall.

Melvin Pasternak
September 10, 2015
This Wildly Undervalued Stock Could Deliver Big Profits By Year End

The company is on the verge of an important turnaround that should send shares significantly higher.

Tom Vician CMT
September 09, 2015
Little-Known Indicator Calling For A Turning Point In The Market

This indicator hit a bearish extreme seen only 10 times in the past decade. Find out what it could mean.

Michael Kahn
September 03, 2015
This Trade Is Just Too Good To Pass Up...

Volatility is making trading difficult, but when a setup looks this great sometimes you have to take it.


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