Active Trading

Michael Kahn
May 05, 2016
Oversold Airline Ready For A Quick Rebound

Tuesday's action left a bullish hammer candle on the chart, which could lead to a snapback rally.

Tom Vician CMT
April 25, 2016
Get Ready For A Turnaround In This Left-For-Dead Sector

After months of remaining dormant, a powerful indicator is signaling it's time to buy again.

Michael Kahn
April 21, 2016
The Charts Say This Big Stock Is About To Plummet

The weight of technical evidence in this popular stock most definitely favors the bears. Click here for more.

Michael Kahn
April 14, 2016
My No. 1 Pick In A Sector On The Verge Of A Breakout

When the big pharmaceutical group catches fire, this particular stock looks set to lead its peers higher.

Tom Vician CMT
April 12, 2016
Former Investor Darling A Great Deal Or A Screaming Sell?

Investors are wondering whether this is their chance to buy a one-time favorite at a deep discount. Click here for more.

Michael Kahn
April 07, 2016
This Blue Chip Is Due For A Drop

Shares of the property and casualty insurer have been bucking the bearish trend in financials... until now.

Michael Kahn
March 24, 2016
Under $5 Stock Could Double In The Next 6 Months

Shares of this forgotten company are showing signs of a turnaround and are worth a gamble at these low prices.

Tom Vician CMT
March 22, 2016
2 Dangerous Stocks Investors Should Avoid At All Costs

There is almost certainly more pain in store for these well-known names.

Michael Kahn
March 18, 2016
Struggling Tech Stock Offers 2:1 Reward/Risk Setup

The weight of the technical evidence supports another double-digit drop in shares.

Deborah O'Malley
March 16, 2016
Popular Stock Just $1 Away From A Breakout

A highly bullish chart formation predicts a double-digit run in shares of this well-known company.


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