Energy & Commodities

Joseph Hogue
February 08, 2016
Has Warren Buffett Found The Best Investment In Oil?

As skittish investors try to time the bottom in oil, the Oracle of Omaha is quietly buying up shares of this stock. Here's why...

Dave Forest
January 26, 2016
If You're Wondering About Oil Prices, Read This

We need to be cautious investing in the energy market today -- but we don't need to abandon it entirely.

Jimmy Butts
January 22, 2016
Earn A Possible Double-Digit Gain From This Unexpected Asset

These commodities have been struggling lately, but I see an opportunity emerging. Here's how to invest.

Joseph Hogue
January 05, 2016
Alternative Play May Be The Smartest Way To Trade The Future Of Oil

Billions have been lost trying to time a bottom in crude, but you don't need to with this trade.

Joseph Hogue
December 21, 2015
The Company Cashing In On This Epic Bear Market

Thanks to strong cost advantages and low natural gas prices this firm doubled its cash holdings since 2010, but the market hasn't noticed and it's currently selling at a discount. Go here for the company name.


Joseph Hogue
December 18, 2015
Get Positioned For Gold's Comeback Now

Several signs point to a turnaround in the yellow metal, and one strategy could yield an immediate cash return.

Nick Lanyi
December 02, 2015
How The Climate Change Summit Impacts Your Portfolio

A number of decisions could directly affect several industries. Here's what you should know.


Jim Nelson
November 10, 2015
The Winner Of The Natural Gas Boom Isn't Who You Think...

This blue chip is well known for its dominance in oil, but I think its natural gas assets will be driving profits in the near term. Find out more...

Andy Obermueller
October 14, 2015
I've Found The Next Big Thing In Energy Technology

Early investors could make huge gains. Here's the inside track on where to invest...

Joseph Hogue
September 23, 2015
A Spinoff Announcement Could Boost This Stock By 50%

This oil giant is trading at an incredibly cheap valuation, but a strategic move within the next six months could change the way investors see the company. Learn More...


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