Energy & Commodities

Jody Chudley
April 21, 2014

Get A Secure 6.3% Yield And Exposure To A New Oil Find With This Stock

This little-known Canadian producer's stock may seem expensive -- but it may actually be undervalued. Here's why...

Crista Huff
April 18, 2014

3 Oilfield Stocks For Value And Growth

With the way momentum stocks have been tanking recently, investors are going back to basics -- with stocks like these staples of value portfolios...

Eric Winter
April 17, 2014

Is This The Oil Play Of The Century?

If you haven't heard about this oil-soaked region, we've got just the stock for you.

Joseph Hogue
Joseph Hogue
April 16, 2014

Why This Natural Gas Game-Changer Has 40% Upside

Many have predicted that cars could soon run on natural gas, thanks to shale boom. Here's why it can still happen -- and the perfect stock to profit.

David Goodboy
David Goodboy
April 14, 2014

It's Time To Load Up On This 'Hated' Energy Resource

If you take a step back and look at the big picture, it's obvious that this 'hated' energy source still has loads of potential for investors.

Daniel Cross
Daniel Cross
April 10, 2014

Get A 9.6% Yield With The Best MLP You've Never Heard Of

Even in a surging sector, this stock is a standout -- and more upside could lie ahead...

David Sterman
David Sterman
April 10, 2014

Are These Energy Stocks In A Bubble?

This radical new technology shows promise, but share prices have gone through the roof -- and investors need to know the risks...

Serge Berger
April 09, 2014

Chart Says This Energy Stock Is Set To Pop

The bull market may be getting long in the tooth, but this company is pushing steadily higher.

David Sterman
David Sterman
April 04, 2014

Is This Controversial Blue-Chip Company Set To Crush The Skeptics?

A massive acquisition last year baffled investors -- but it's in line to deliver solid returns in coming years.

Zachary Scheidt
April 04, 2014

This Runaway Energy Stock Could Generate 26% Income

With natural gas on the rise, this stock's investors are already up 18% this year. Here's how to multiply your income from this trend...