Growth Investing

Joseph Hogue
August 25, 2015
This Company Could Be The Future Of Energy

The technology has been expensive to develop, but carbon capturing is a billion dollar industry. This company has the inside track...

Tim Begany
August 24, 2015
This Defense Stock Is On The Verge Of A $90 Billion Contract

Investors have a rare chance to profit from this well-known defense contractor, even if it doesn't win a major, soon-to-be-announced contract. Details here

Tim Begany
August 20, 2015
This Fast-Evolving Small-Cap Should Soon Dominate The Digital Education Industry

From its beginnings as a Netflix-style distributor of rented textbooks, this company quickly developed into a leading provider of online education services. Here's how it'll dominate this lucrative market in the coming years...

Tim Begany
August 17, 2015
Is This Recent IPO Headed For A Fall?

The firm is sitting pretty now, but an overwhelming wave of competition is building. Learn more...

Tim Begany
August 13, 2015
A 40% Gain In One Year -- But This Stock Has More Room To Grow

Even after such a steep run-up, this mid-cap stock has market-beating gain potential...

Chris Walczak
August 07, 2015
This Little-Known Defense Contractor Crushes The S&P 6-To-1

Savvy deal-making and smart balance sheet management have made this small cap a revenue powerhouse.

Chris Walczak
July 31, 2015
The 140-Year Old Company That's Still Growing

This mid-cap has flourished coming out the housing crisis, but its explosive growth in Asia will carry it forward.

Tim Begany
July 30, 2015
A High-Flying Video Game Maker With Powerful Catalysts

A solid pipeline of new titles should help propel this surging entertainment stock to fresh heights. Details here.

Jack Butler
July 24, 2015
Water Scarcity: The Falling Costs (And Rising Profits) Of Water Desalination

Earth's surface is dominated by water, 97% of which is salty. If even a fraction of that can be converted to usable water for municipal, agriculture and industrial applications, then water scarcity becomes a far less daunting crisis. Details here.

Jack Butler
July 23, 2015
Water Scarcity: The Firms Pioneering Efficient Irrigation

Farmers currently use roughly 70% of available fresh water. In a water scarce world, these key technological advances are enabling farmers to do more with less.


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