Growth Investing

Jack Butler
July 24, 2015
Water Scarcity: The Falling Costs (And Rising Profits) Of Water Desalination

Earth's surface is dominated by water, 97% of which is salty. If even a fraction of that can be converted to usable water for municipal, agriculture and industrial applications, then water scarcity becomes a far less daunting crisis. Details here.

Jack Butler
July 23, 2015
Water Scarcity: The Firms Pioneering Efficient Irrigation

Farmers currently use roughly 70% of available fresh water. In a water scarce world, these key technological advances are enabling farmers to do more with less.

Jack Butler
July 22, 2015
Water Scarcity: A Global Mega-Trend Worth Investing In

Depleted aquifers and rising populations spell trouble for the world and profits for the companies that offer solutions. Here's the rundown

David Sterman
July 21, 2015
Why You Could Be Ignoring The Most Essential Metric For Growth Stocks

Before you buy shares, always confirm that this figure is growing. Full story here

Andy Obermueller
July 21, 2015
Smart Money's Big Bet On An Obscure Apple Supplier

Apple's upside is no secret to savvy investors. But now the tech giant is turning its small suppliers into triple-digit winners.


Tim Begany
July 14, 2015
Will Buffett Buy Up This Construction Supplier?

Buffett owns a 30% stake in this home construction supplier and could purchase the company outright, as the real estate market rebounds. Buy now before it's too late.

Tom Vician CMT
July 13, 2015
The Investment Tool Earning Consistent Double-Digit Returns

Using a combination of technical and fundamental analysis, this investment tool has consistently earned double- and triple-digit returns for readers.


Dave Forest
July 08, 2015
America's Next Big Innovation Is Here

These firms are pushing the limits of their industries and inventing entirely new businesses -- the kind that change the way we live our lives and make investors a killing in the process.


Tim Begany
July 07, 2015
This Red-Hot Growth Company Is Still A Great Buy

Despite seemingly rich valuations, a company-wide transformation should keep the profits rolling in. Details here.  


Brad Briggs
July 03, 2015
The Key To Finding Triple-Digit Gains In Any Market

It's easy to see how investors may have become spoiled by this extended period of upward movement. But it could all be coming to an end, which is why it's critical for you to have a plan.