International Investing

Nathan Slaughter
August 10, 2016
How I'm Investing In A Strong-Dollar Market

Currency translation can either work for you, or against you. Learn how to make currency translations work in favor for your portfolio here.

Joseph Hogue
July 27, 2016
Turkey's Failed Coup Presents A Unique Opportunity For Investors

Shares of the country fund are now down 22% from their 52-week high and may be the best buy in emerging markets this year. Details here.

Nathan Slaughter
July 15, 2016
How Domestic Investing Could Be Limiting Your Returns

Most investors automatically assume that U.S. dividend payers are the best. Not so fast. As I'll explain in a moment, by only looking at American companies for income, you're severely limiting your choices.


Francisco Bermea
July 11, 2016
The Top Trade For China's Coming Collapse

Jared and his Profit Amplifier readers have made money from bearish China-related trades several times over the past year. Take a look for yourself...

Jared Levy
June 27, 2016
This Ecommerce Giant Is Due For A Plunge

A 5.5% correction in Alibaba stock can make as much as 36.4%. Details here.


Joseph Hogue
June 08, 2016
How To Play The Upcoming China Surge

Investors are fleeing China on a temporary slowdown... here's how to take advantage.

Nick Lanyi
May 10, 2016
The Best Foreign Stocks To Buy Now

Weak economies overseas won't hold back these winners. Click here to learn more.

Sara Nunnally
May 04, 2016
Is Australia's Banking Industry Going Under?

Bad debts are on the rise in Australia, sending shares lower. Should investors use this as a buying opportunity?

Sara Nunnally
April 21, 2016
What's Making Emerging Markets Pop?

Analysts are calling it the best rally in emerging markets stocks and bonds in seven years... Here's how to take advantage.

Andy Obermueller
March 04, 2016
My Contrarian Take On Emerging Markets

Emerging markets offer some of the best opportunities for standout gains -- but they're absolutely hated by most investors right now. Find out which ones you should own, and which to avoid...


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