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John Kosar
August 22, 2016
In The Week Ahead: 4 Signs The Market Is Sputtering

The charts are telling us stocks are vulnerable to a near-term decline, which could be your next buying opportunity.


John Kosar
August 15, 2016
In The Week Ahead: Risk/Reward Favors The Bears

My research warns that near-term downside risk exceeds upside potential before the market's advance continues

John Kosar
August 08, 2016
In The Week Ahead: Market's Advance May Be About To Stall

Stocks could rise for another week or two, but a pullback is likely before the rally can continue in earnest

Adam Fischbaum
August 08, 2016
Presidential Elections Don't Affect Markets As Much As You Think

At first blush, there appears to be a lot of volatility during all for time periods and there is. However, when you drill down, it's a different picture.


John Kosar
August 01, 2016
In The Week Ahead: Charts Warn of Upcoming Pullback -- Buy or Sell?

The market is on the cusp of moving lower, which presents the question: Opportunity for the bulls or bears?

John Kosar
July 27, 2016
In The Week Ahead: Get Ready To Buy The Upcoming Correction

For those who missed the move to all-time highs, a better buying opportunity may be right around the corner.


Andy Obermueller
July 19, 2016
Before You Invest A Dime, Read This

Get some no-nonsense advice for your finances -- plus, a unique strategy to supercharge your investments.

John Kosar
July 18, 2016
In The Week Ahead: Making Sense Of The Market's Mixed Signals

The market's long-term outlook is shaping up nicely, but investors must weather more uncertainty in the near term.

John Kosar
July 11, 2016
In The Week Ahead: Market Faces One Last Obstacle

There are two key levels traders should be focused on over the next several weeks.

John Kosar
July 05, 2016
In The Week Ahead: Tide May Be Turning in Bulls' Favor

Big daily swings make the market a treacherous place for investors, but some key indices are showing strength.


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