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John Kosar
September 26, 2016
In The Week Ahead: Charts Say Beware

Record low volatility and 60 years of seasonality data are telling investors to be on the defensive here.

John Kosar
September 19, 2016
In The Week Ahead: 4 Major Factors Warn The Market Decline Isn't Over

Apple may have saved the market last week, but the bigger forces at play are telling traders to be cautious

John Kosar
September 12, 2016
In The Week Ahead: Fear Sparks Sell-off, but How Long Will It Last?

The pullback I've been warning of emerged last week, and it could continue if a key indicator remains elevated.

John Kosar
September 06, 2016
In The Week Ahead: One Sector Could Race Higher As Market Continues To Stall

With stocks stuck in neutral, traders need to consider buying opportunities like this one.

Genia Turanova
August 31, 2016
Don't Give Up On High Yields In This Market

Investors who bailed out a year ago have little to celebrate. Investors who bailed out seven years ago have even less to celebrate


Brad Briggs
August 30, 2016
It's Time To Prepare For Another Rate Hike

Afraid of another pullback in the markets? Here's what you need to watch for...

John Kosar
August 29, 2016
In The Week Ahead: When Will The Market's Long-Awaited Sell-Off Begin?

Seasonality gives us a clue as to when a correction will emerge, and investor fear is likely to be the trigger.


John Kosar
August 22, 2016
In The Week Ahead: 4 Signs The Market Is Sputtering

The charts are telling us stocks are vulnerable to a near-term decline, which could be your next buying opportunity.


John Kosar
August 15, 2016
In The Week Ahead: Risk/Reward Favors The Bears

My research warns that near-term downside risk exceeds upside potential before the market's advance continues

John Kosar
August 08, 2016
In The Week Ahead: Market's Advance May Be About To Stall

Stocks could rise for another week or two, but a pullback is likely before the rally can continue in earnest


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