Value Investing

Nick Lanyi
June 29, 2016
The Brexit Has Put These Stocks On Sale

The Brexit selloff has created bargains that won't last long. Take advantage now.

Joseph Hogue
June 24, 2016
This Merger Could Mean Returns Of Up To 40%

This company is already a powerhouse in a growing industry and about to close a merger that will cement its place on top

Andy Obermueller
June 24, 2016
It's Time To Sell One Of My Favorite Companies

I've written favorably about this company since my second issue almost six years ago, when shares were selling for about half of what they are today. I think it's finally time to sell.


Sara Nunnally
June 17, 2016
I Can't Believe What BP's Former CEO Just Said

What does it mean for investors when top execs say no to profits? Learn more here.

Adam Fischbaum
June 15, 2016
This Chart Says Rates Will Rise Again -- Even Without The Fed

The Fed has released its decision that it won't raise rates in June, but rates are likely to rise in spite of that. Find out why here.

Joseph Hogue
June 14, 2016
Is It Time To Short This Industry Favorite?

A combination of capacity growth, higher fuel prices and worries about the health of the global economy have sent airline stocks skidding this year, but there is still profit to be made.

Joseph Hogue
June 13, 2016
This Leader Is 18% Undervalued... And That's Just The Beginning

This company is a market share leader in an industry with strong demographic tailwinds, but investors have headed for the exit on a lawsuit that may turn out to be insignificant. Details here.

Nick Lanyi
June 10, 2016
2 Winning Ideas For Growth And Income

Some investors look for capital appreciation; others are focused more on income. But one of the smartest ways to invest is to combine both of these goals in a single stock. Here are two that fit the mold...

Rebecca Chen
June 02, 2016
This Industry Leader Is Poised To Outperform In 2016

The demand for this crucial commodity won't be wavering any time soon, and this small-cap company is currently positioned to take advantage of industry trends. Details here.

Joseph Hogue
June 01, 2016
Is Your Portfolio Ready For Another Rate Hike?

Investors need to come to grips with the fact that the market may be underestimating the potential for higher rates sooner rather than later. Here's my take on which sectors to invest in and which to avoid.


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