Value Investing

Michael Kahn
July 30, 2015
Time To Buy Hershey?

An upside trend break occurred following a selling climax, offering a chance to pick up double-digit profits.

David Sterman
July 29, 2015
Two Firms On The Cusp Of A Major Turnaround

I've found two stocks with a potential six-to-12 months upside of 50% or more. Details here.  

Melvin Pasternak
July 24, 2015
A Low-Risk, High-Profit Play on the Booming Job Market

A booming job market means booming demand for this employment services firm.

Jimmy Butts
July 17, 2015
A Timeless Lesson For Finding Double-Digit Winners

Too often, average investors become mesmerized by the market's hysteria in search of the one winner that will rain money on them for life. Here's how to avoid the clutter and identify worthwhile investments.


Andy Obermueller
July 14, 2015
The Company With An Innovative Solution To The Water Crisis

With a major water shortage on its hands, California is turning to new technology to solve its crisis. Here is the company most likely to profit from it.


Tim Begany
July 10, 2015
This Luxury Goods Company Is Poised For A Comeback

Two years into its turnaround, this once-mighty luxury goods retailer is almost ripe for the picking. Here's my take on when to buy.

Joseph Hogue
July 08, 2015
The Good News Behind Puerto Rico's Bad Debt

Bond insurers are reeling from this eminent disaster, but one insurer may benefit  from this scenario over the long term. Details here

Tim Begany
July 02, 2015
This Bargain Insurance Stock Offers 85% Upside Potential

In a competitive business environment this firm is shedding its unprofitable segments to unlock shareholder value. Details here.

Chris Walczak
June 26, 2015
Buy This Blue Chip While It's Cheap

The market's short-sightedness has created a perfect buying opportunity for long-term investors. Click here for the stock.

Jimmy Butts
June 26, 2015
You'll Never Succeed At Investing Without This...

If you're tired of getting blindsided by the markets, then check out the system that tags stocks that could soar in the coming weeks and months.