Value Investing

Nick Lanyi
October 07, 2015
Two Picks to Play Defense in a Slowing Economy

These companies provide essential products and services and are rock-solid financially. They can help protect your portfolio if the economy slows. Read on for details...

David Sterman
October 05, 2015
Capture A 7.6% Yield And Huge Upside With This Well-Known Toymaker

A broken business is being fixed with some straightforward remedies. I see quick turnaround potential

Jim Nelson
October 02, 2015
This 'Sin' Stock Has Been Sharply Oversold

Currency woes turned last year's net gain to a loss, but this is still a great investment. Learn more...


Dave Forest
October 02, 2015
Why Your Congressman Is A Better Investor Than You

Successful investing doesn't have to be difficult. After all, if members of Congress can pull it off, so can you. Details here...

Joseph Hogue
September 29, 2015
Who Wins And Who Loses From This $1.3 Trillion Debt Bubble

Ominous early warning signs are appearing in the student loan market. You need to know what to avoid -- and how to profit...

Brad Briggs
September 29, 2015
One Of The World's Best Brands Is On Sale

When the market sold off, it sent this entire sector into a tailspin. The good news: One of the best-known brands in the world is now on sale. Learn more...

David Sterman
September 28, 2015
One Of Our Favorite Income Investments Is On Sale

Right now, investors have the chance to follow one of the most basic investing concepts laid down by Warren Buffett by taking advantage of the current dip in one of our favorite income investments. Learn more...


Dave Forest
September 25, 2015
Now Is A Great Time To Own A 'Forever' Stock

As an investor, you want to buy great businesses that can be held for months, years, even decades, without worry. And thanks to the recent market volatility, we have a chance to buy on the dip


David Sterman
September 24, 2015
These Busted IPOs Now Have Impressive Upside

Pulling off an IPO just ahead of a deep market pullback can spell trouble. But these three stocks still have bright futures.

Amber Hestla
September 21, 2015
A Chance To Buy One Of Buffett's Favorites At A 30% Discount

Large swings in the Dow Jones Industrial Average and other major market averages always seem to increase the level of fear in business news headlines. Here are some good ones we've seen in the past few weeks.


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