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"All of your publications are excellent and I'm sure this one will be too."

-- Betty R.
Knoxville , Tennessee

"By investing in the Korea Fund (NYSE: KF), as suggested by StreetAuthority, I made $9,500 in less than two weeks. I had been looking for a solid international investment for some money I had sitting in a mostly-bond fund. I am a long-term investor and bought 1,200 shares, got a $15.94 per share year-end payment that I would never have known about without being a subscriber, and best of all it sits in my IRA, so no taxes!! Thank you very much."

-- Mark Di Giorgio
West Hartford , Connecticut

"I have made more money in retirement than I did when I was working. Income from dividend-paying stocks (which I collect every month) is even better than my greatest expectations.  Thanks for your help with High-Yield Investing."

-- William B.
Newport News , Virginia

"I have subscribed to dozens of financial publications over the years, but High-Yield Investing is undoubtedly the finest. I am extremely pleased to have found High-Yield Investing at long last. Thank you."

-- Lee R.
Las Vegas , Nevada

Stock of the Month is very easy to read. It isn't filled with a lot of technical jargon, and there is enough data to see your picks makes sense.

-- Andy S.
Oak Lawn , Illinois

"I like the strategy behind Stock of the Month. I also like that you are going to be zeroing in on a few good stocks because, frankly, I don't have enough money to keep up with too many recommendations even if they are good."

-- Randy R.
Aurora , California

"I have found the reporting and analysis to be in depth and first class. The writing is clear and understandable to those lesser mortals, and results have so far proven higher than expected."

-- Garry C.
Springfield , Virginia

"Good research and analysis, easy-to-read-and-understand reports. In today's volatile, momentum-driven market, where patience is a rare commodity, long-term perspectives like yours are a refreshing oasis."

-- Andrick T.
Honolulu , Hawaii

Great stuff and very interesting. I've taken a small slice of your favorite game-changers. Thank you, Andy! Keep up the interesting flow of ideas. I love your seasoned take on new markets and [your] grasp of new technologies.

-- Julian E.

"I profited at least three times more than my cost. Thank you."

-- Stan
Millbrae , California

"I have made more money in retirement than I did when I was working. Income from dividend-paying stocks (which I collect every month) is even better than my greatest expectations.  Thanks for your help."

-- William B.
Newport News , Virginia

The Daily Paycheck is a great resource. I follow about half of your "5" ranked.

-- Julian E.

"I loved High-Yield PRO's recent article on Canadian energy trusts. Nice newsletter."

-- Roderick B.
San Francisco , California

"Having read hundreds of financial newsletters on an ongoing basis for over 23 years, I can tell you that StreetAuthority's services are among the very best in the business. I am continually amazed at the broad range of in-depth and consistently excellent research that you offer to your readers. Keep up the good work!"

-- Steven H. -- Editor, TheStockAdvisors

"I particularly like your inside, close-up view of the stocks you present, as the information put forth is not easily attainable."

-- Louis J.
Brooklyn , New York

"Stocks purchased through your newsletter have been very productive and a boon to my increasing net worth."

-- Laurent R.
Webster , New York

"I invested in SBUX and SDRL after they became picks using the Kirkpatrick rules that are described in the book, "The Definitive Guide to Relative Strength Investing."  On SBUX, I have made $212 or 2.71% in 3 weeks. On SDRL, I made $44 until it became a sell."

-- Dave F.
Shelburne , Ontario

"SBUX was a good buy, it went up right away. $1,100 gain (so far). It took patience, but I made a $500 gain on PCP as well."

-- Steve B.
Germantown , Maryland