What Readers Are Saying About Amy Calistri

"Amy ... Don't mess with anything ... you've done a good job to this point, and what you present to your readers is helpful, concise, to the point, and I believe it is well thought out. You always point out the yield. And you always explain the growth factors concerning dividends and capital gains potentials ... and how stable an income producer a particular security is. Good job Amy!"

-- Ellis G.

"I opened an account for The Daily Paycheck in February, 2013, with $172,002.  It’s value today (July 26, 2013) is $176,280. Total dividends received (and reinvested) = $3,726.28 for Feb, Mar, April, May, June, and partial July."

-- Roger B.

"During these turbulent times I am able to keep my portfolio on an even keel thanks to your great picks and the high dividend they provide."

-- Bob W.

"In February of 2002, I began buying three stocks each month, with about $3,500 in each stock. My totals now are about $16,000 dividends per year at the moment. I look forward to your excellent service each month. Many thanks!"

-- Dean W.