What Readers Are Saying About Amy Calistri

"During these turbulent times I am able to keep my portfolio on an even keel thanks to your great picks and the high dividend they provide."

-- Bob W.

"In February of 2002, I began buying three stocks each month, with about $3,500 in each stock. My totals now are about $16,000 dividends per year at the moment. I look forward to your excellent service each month. Many thanks!"

-- Dean W.

"Thank you for what you do. I have our 401k right where I want it and I don't need to micro-manage it, nor do I have to worry about the market's ups and downs."

-- Bob C.
Clinton Township

"I had just lost my job and was given a very nice severance package, but interest rates were so low and I needed this money to last and earn more than 1%. My first investing report was The Daily Paycheck. Amy wrote so clear and was easy to understand even for a newbie. I read her reports, loaded up on other StreetAuthority newsletters, and read books. My first trades were the recommended BIP and UTG. I am up $2,800 on BIP which is gains and dividends and $792 on UTG which is mainly dividends. I made other trades based on StreetAuthority's portfolios, and since late 2011 I've made $3,000 in (reinvested) dividends alone. I am very happy with The Daily Paycheck, and Amy's sound advice and insight into stocks from which I can continue my research on. I have definitely made more trading than leaving it in a savings account!"

-- Maureen F.
St. Petersburg