What Readers Are Saying About Amy Calistri

I like the "real money portfolio." I would like to see all editors use the same. It makes it easy to calculate volatility, total return, etc.

-- Jim P.

Our dividends all together are about $40,000 a year. We reinvest whenever we can.  Mostly we just build it up. We bought a new car last year and could pay for it.  I depend on you completely for ideas and advice.  We had some very lean years in investing before I found you.

-- Wende W.

The issue was most informative and inspired me to immediately commence further research. Well done!

-- Ruth D.

I love how easy it is. Amy spells it all out for me. The amount of shares and the price, and most importantly when to rebalance or exit a position. She explains the market conditions and how the shares will fit into the portfolio in a language I can understand. I respect her knowledge and I enjoy her stories, and love her signature hat.

-- Wende W.