What Readers Are Saying About Amy Calistri

If the follow-up stock recommendations are as good as the first one, then I will sign up for 2 full years. Good work finding the perfect investment... solid dividend, growth opportunity and wide moat around their franchise.

-- Robert H.
Palm Desert

I started your service in February 2010. So far I have invested about $80,000.00 and own 37 of the stocks in your portfolio. To date, I have received $13,784.29 in dividend payments which bought me 1046+  of new shares. Thanks so much for the good ideas and keep them coming.

-- Jim C.

"I manage my daughter's Roth IRA accounts and IRA acounts, which I started for them when they were around 8 years old. Now they are 27, 29, and 31. I also manage IRA accounts and Roth IRAs and regular trading accounts with TD Ameritrade for myself and my wife. Together I manage $174,610. Since reading The Daily Paycheck, I have switched some of their holdings over to monthly dividends only - reinvesting the dividend. So far this year some accounts are up 5%, some are up 10%. One of my daughters was able to use $10,000 out of her Roth IRA to purchase her first home. Big advantage most people do not even know about."

-- Richard P.

I like the "real money portfolio." I would like to see all editors use the same. It makes it easy to calculate volatility, total return, etc.

-- Jim P.