What Readers Are Saying About Amy Calistri

The issue was most informative and inspired me to immediately commence further research. Well done!

-- Ruth D.

I love how easy it is. Amy spells it all out for me. The amount of shares and the price, and most importantly when to rebalance or exit a position. She explains the market conditions and how the shares will fit into the portfolio in a language I can understand. I respect her knowledge and I enjoy her stories, and love her signature hat.

-- Wende W.

First of all, if you get an "excellent" from me - that's saying something. My hat's off to you for the very comprehensive explanation for the selection. That's what we investors need to see.

-- Rick G.
Spring Grove

It makes me money--reliably. Probably the best advisory newsletter I buy. Amy is thorough, provides easy to understand commentary and she operates transparently. I can see not only what she recommends, but also I can see actual performance. I invest with her many times and when I do, I am content with the results. Does it get any better than that?

-- Bill K.