What Readers Are Saying About Nathan Slaughter

"High-Yield Investing's March article at StreetAuthority.com was one of the best I have read. I have done well with some of it's investment ideas, but I must comment that the recent note regarding social responsibility was THE MOST RESPONSIBLE such statement I have read. The note was respectful and well done. Thank you for your integrity. I am impressed."

-- D. Reeve

"Thank you so much for taking time to answer my email. I have been an individual investor for years, but now that I am retired I have found investing takes on a whole new perspective. I feel very fortunate to have found your newsletter -- please keep up the great work."

-- Frank W.

"I am a retired person and looking for income. I have made unrealized gain of $6,000 so far and am now collecting a very substantial dividend."

-- D. Gildener

I recently purchased TKG from the dividend capture section of High-Yield Investing. I am up 23.52% in about a month.

-- Dale S.