How You Can Profit From The 5G Revolution

There’s a massive revolution currently taking place. And it’s by no means a secret. In fact, there’s a considerable amount of hype behind it. You’ll find hundreds, even thousands of articles on it. It’s being promoted as “world-changing,” quantum leap,” and the “next big thing.”

I’m of course talking about 5G — an advanced wireless technology that began deployment just this year. 

If you’re not familiar, 5G stands for the fifth-generation wireless network. But simply calling this the next step up from the current 4G iteration is selling it short. 

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The Vast Promise Of 5G

5G will be anywhere from 10 times to 100 times faster than 4G. For instance, you’ll be able to download a season’s worth of Game of Thrones in a matter of seconds.

But the excitement surrounding 5G isn’t just about being able to browse the internet on your smartphone at a faster clip. The applications for 5G are endless — everything from interconnections among the billions of objects comprising the Internet of Things (IoT) to artificial intelligence (AI) to transportation within and between new megacities.

It could improve healthcare more in the next 10 years than all the advances over the past 100 years. For instance, it will facilitate complex surgeries via virtual and enhanced reality. It will change the ancient practice of farming… as well as banking, finance, manufacturing, automobiles… the list goes on.

Simply put, it will disrupt every industry, business, and municipality.

This seemingly innocent “upgrade” of our communication network has generated a heap of excitement. And for good reason… It will change life as we know it. We won’t purchase groceries the same, our transportation to work will be different, even your casual stroll in the park won’t be the same. 

But here’s why we, as investors, can’t ignore this revolution…

The total global 5G market is expected to reach $277 billion by 2025. That’s an astronomical compounded annual growth rate of 111% from today’s value.

In short, this massive trend will bring a tidal wave of profits to investors who get in early on the right players. There’s likely a small company out there that we’ve never heard of that will become a household name, and a multi-billion-firm, because of 5G. 

Luckily, as I said earlier, 5G will disrupt every industry and business. So there’s a good chance that more than a few of your holdings will either be directly or indirectly affected by 5G. That’s certainly true of my Top Stock Advisor portfolio. In fact, we have a few positions that are more concentrated in 5G…

2 Picks That Will Benefit From 5G

1. The first is chipmaker Intel (Nasdaq: INTC). Although the company recently divested its 5G smartphone modem business, the company still has a strong presence in 5G.

The success of 5G depends on a broad ecosystem, and Intel will be a valuable player that forms the foundation of that ecosystem thanks to its massive research and development (R&D) budget.

Between 18% to 20% of Intel’s total sales are earmarked for R&D. Last year, that came out to a nominal figure of over $13.5 billion (that figure will be about the same this year). Of course, not every dollar goes into 5G, but you can bet it has dedicated a good chunk towards this new technology.

5G will produce astronomical amounts of data that will need to be processed and analyzed. Intel’s semiconductors will likely be at the core of many of the computers processing that data. The company is also a leader in AI, IoT (internet of things) and cloud computing, all of which will be prominent in 5G. In other words, Intel will be embedded throughout the 5G value chain.

2. Cisco (Nasdaq: CSCO), our “backbone of the internet” holding, also gives us exposure to 5G. The company is focusing on providing a smooth transition for clients operating on the cloud to utilize the 5G network. Of course, it will also be a major supplier of switches, routers, modems, and servers that will support 5G.

Action To Take

TCI 5G report cover

Finally, our newest addition over at Top Stock Advisor will benefit immensely from 5G as “Smart Cities” become a thing. So clearly we have some exposure to 5G already. We’ll be looking for more – and you should, too. 

That’s why I was interested to learn about my colleague Stephen Leeb’s top pick for the 5G revolution. To put it simply, the 5G rollout will be impossible without this small company’s key technology. 

The good news: if you buy these cheap shares today, you could see a life-changing gain over the next few months. But there may be only a few days left before Wall Street catches wind of this company and spoils the party for everyone. This report shows you how to get started right away.