Our Best (And Most Profitable) Piece Of Research

It’s one of our most highly anticipated research reports each year. And for good reason…

Not only is it fun for us to research and put together, but it’s also entertaining for our readers. And it’s proven to be highly profitable as well…

I’m talking about our annual Top Stocks report.

Before I tell you more about this year’s report – The Top Stocks For 2021 – I want to show you just how profitable this has been in previous years…

A History Of Crushing The Market

Year in and year out, we thumb through thousands of pages of SEC filings, earnings reports, and analyst reports. We search high and low and in every corner of the market for market-beating investment opportunities. We spend a great deal of money, effort, and investigative research on identifying what we believe are the best investment opportunities for our readers.

I wouldn’t continually waste our resources if it didn’t prove fruitful. Over the years our hard work has paid incredible dividends for our readers… and this research report, in particular, has proven to be one of our most pieces of research for readers each year.

Since we first started this ambitious project in 2003, most of our picks have consistently beaten the market – individually and as a group. 2004… 2005… 2006… 2007… Year after year, it’s the same story.

Even in the market crash of 2008, we saw losses like everyone else. But we still made fantastic gains with picks like Panera Bread, which soared 45.8% that year. In 2014, we had an especially good year — our stocks as a group doubled the S&P 500’s return. And in 2016, while the S&P 500 returned 12%, our Top Stocks beat the market again.

Even in 2019, when the S&P 500 soared an incredible 28.7%… Our picks generated an average gain of 31.5%.

In A Year For The History Books, We Still Beat The Market

Now understand that these are all stocks that we believe will do well throughout the upcoming year. It can be extremely difficult to predict what the year will have in store for us, much less whether these picks will perform up to our expectations.

But as I’ve mentioned, so far these picks have done quite well.

But what a year 2020 was… we had a black swan event — Covid-19 — that not only sent the markets into a historic plunge, but it shook our economy and our lives in general.

The 2020 report was also filled with picks that we thought would hold up well. But little did we know, those picks would be tested in a way that we hadn’t seen in the entire history of this report.

But I’m proud to say that the average return of our 10 picks last year was 30%. That’s more than double what the S&P 500 did in 2020.

In the interest of full disclosure, here is the performance of every single pick from the release date of the report through the end of the year…

How To Get Our Top Stocks For 2021

With a track record like this, it’s easy to see why this has become one of StreetAuthority’s most popular — and profitable — reports.

For 2021, we condensed our report down to just five stocks. Some of the names you’ll see in this year’s report are companies you’ve likely heard about. But there are others… well, let’s just say that we’d be surprised if they are on the radar of most investors.

Among them, you’ll find a company run by arguably the world’s greatest investor, a “picks and shovels” company that’s working behind the scenes to help all healthcare firms with vital vaccines and drugs… and more.

But no matter what their story is, they all have one common thread: We think each one has the potential to beat the market in the coming year.

Of course, there aren’t any guarantees. But when you read the profile of each pick, it’s easy to see why we’re excited about this exclusive group of investments. In short, we think they offer investors some of the best chances for positive returns in the coming year.

Go here now to learn how to get your hands on this year’s report.