This Income Trade Idea Could Pay You Right Away…

If you’re looking to mitigate your risk in the market while still pocketing some income, then you’re in luck.

As you may know, we’ve recently been discussing my colleague Amber Hestla’s unique approach to earning extra income in the market. By following her simple strategy, her followers have placed successful trades about 90.2% of the time. And based on our own analysis, you could reasonably earn about $748 a week on average.

Sounds great, right? There’s just one catch… You may need to learn something new.

You see, this strategy involves selling put options. Many of you know that we’re big fans of selling puts, but not a lot of investors actually try it, usually because they think it’s too risky (they hear the word “options”) or too complicated (even though it’s easy to learn).

But despite the perceptions that some investors have, the truth is that you can play it safe AND earn thousands in extra income each month, thanks to Amber’s unique strategy.

To recap, put options give investors the right — but not the obligation — to sell a stock at a specified price before a specified date. Selling a put obligates us to purchase that stock from the put buyer if it falls below a specified price (the option’s “strike price”). When we accept that obligation, we receive instant income in the form of a premium.

Now, one thing we recommend to lower the risks of this strategy is to only sell puts on stocks you wouldn’t mind holding in your portfolio anyway. So, worst-case scenario, if you make a trade and the stock falls below the strike price, that’s okay. It simply means you’re buying shares of a stock you liked anyway, and for a better price than before.

A Trade You Can Make Right Now

Now, for some of you, this is all old news. But for others, you may be familiar with this strategy… but you just haven’t been willing to give it a try on your own just yet.

If so, then perhaps today will be the day. Because we’re going to share a trading idea with you, courtesy of Amber.

Again, if you already know how this works, then you can use this trade to start earning more right away. And if you don’t, then at least you’ll have an example to see what’s possible. Who knows, maybe this will be the inspiration you need to set up your account and get started…

Keep in mind, this isn’t an official recommendation. Consider it a “bonus” trade. Although it was identified by Amber’s award-winning Income Trader Volatility (ITV) indicator, we recommend you do your own due diligence. With that said, let’s take a look…

As the table shows, this is a trade to sell the Jan-21 puts on TotalEnergies SE (NYSE: TTE) at a strike price of $45.

The chart below shows the trading action for the underlying stock. In the upper section, you’ll see the stock’s weekly price movement, while the bottom section shows Amber’s ITV indicator (red line) against the 20-week moving average (blue line). When the indicator drops below the moving average, it’s considered a “buy” signal.

If you want to follow this trade, remember to use limit orders to ensure you get the best possible price. Also keep in mind that options pricing can move quickly, so it’s on you to determine whether the most recent pricing is still suitable for you. And if the trade moves sharply against you, be prepared to cut your losses with a “buy to close” order if you’re not prepared to own the stock outright.

We think selling puts is one of the best ways to earn extra income out there, and that more investors should give it a try. So if you’d like to get more trades like this, then go here now to learn more.