This Beaten-Down Blue Chip Is Making A Big-Time Comeback…

I was surprised when the ticker symbol for this company popped up over at my Maximum Profit service. I was stunned to see that it had picked up considerable momentum. After all, it didn’t seem like that long ago it was a regular in the headlines… and not in a good way.

Its planes were crashing…

I’m talking, of course, about The Boeing Company (NYSE: BA).

As you might recall, this iconic blue-chip company came under significant pressure a few years ago. And rightfully so, as a couple of its Boeing 737 Max aircraft had crashed, killing hundreds of people.

It turned out some shortcuts were being taken by Boeing, including misleading federal regulators. Two of its 737 Max aircraft crashed in a span of five months in Indonesia and Ethiopia in 2018 and 2019, killing 346 passengers and crew.

Shares of Boeing tanked… but now, nearly four years later, the stock is back with a vengeance.

A Quick Rundown On Boeing

Boeing is best known for building commercial jetliners. If you’ve flown on a commercial airline, there’s a good chance the plane was built by Boeing. The company also made Air Force One — the President’s airplane.

Its commercial airplanes division makes up about 40% of the company’s total revenue. The company’s other big money maker is its Defense, Space & Security segment. This segment does some pretty cool stuff. For instance, this division makes Apache and Chinook helicopters, the B-52 Bomber planes, the F-18 Super Hornet, and various unmanned aircraft (drones) and weapons.

On the space side of things, Boeing has satellites… it helped build and manage the International Space Station… and offers space launch systems.

The remainder of the firm’s revenue comes from its Global Services segment, where it provides a variety of services to its commercial and defense customers, and then it has a financing arm that brings in a little cash.

Overall, Boeing made $66.6 billion in sales last year, an 7% increase over the prior year. Estimates are calling for nearly $80 billion in sales this year and a return to profitability (it’s been running in the red since those devastating crashes).

But cash flow returned positive last year, as Boeing generated over $3.5 billion in cash from operations. This is a big improvement over the $3.4 billion loss it had the year prior.

BA Is Showing Strong Momentum

It might be an understatement to say it’s been a tough few years for shareholders. The stock has lost 37% of its value in the last five years.

But the financials are turning around, and the airplane crashes are fading into a distant memory. And the stock is looking to give investors something to cheer about. After all, in 2017, the stock climbed a whopping 89%, and it wants to return to those days…

As you can see, the stock recently set a new six-month high:

Action To Take

There are plenty of tailwinds helping propel the company going forward.

One is improving sales coming out of its revamped commercial aircraft division. Its Global Services sector has grown at a steady clip, there’s a lot of movement in the space industry right now, and the military is always looking to improve its fleet of helicopters, fighter jets, and unmanned aircraft.

That said, supply chain issues, another airplane crash, or lingering lawsuits from the previous crashes could take the wind out of Boeing’s sails.

But for now, the stock comes in with strong momentum and robust cash flow growth. It wouldn’t surprise me to see BA do quite well for traders and investors over the next few months.

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