The ‘Unbelievable’ Way Investors Are Earning Thousands In Income

I want to show you something that will likely raise a lot of eyebrows.

Some of these claims might seem “outrageous” or “improbable.” But keep in mind, they come straight from readers of my premium newsletter, Income Trader — voluntarily, just six months after we launched the service earlier this year. Some of you won’t believe they’re true. But by the time you’ve finished reading this essay, my goal is to change your mind and show you how it’s possible for you to see similar results.

“When I first started using [Amber’s] picks, my goal was to earn $500. Then I quickly realized I can earn at least $1,000 per month. I use the profits to buy more… “
–Nathan S., West Long Branch, N.J.

“About $30,000/ yr. Bought a Porsche”
— Carter B., Clemmons, N.C.

“I will never own a stock again if I can help it… since March, I have increased my account by $150,000. Keep the recommendations coming!”
— Richard K., Dallas

$1,000 per month… $30,000 per year… $150,000 since March…

It’s enough to make anyone skeptical. You may be thinking that to make this kind of income from investing, these folks must be taking on a lot of risk.

Not so. I’ll show you exactly how normal investors are doing it, and how you could too.
Let me explain…

#-ad_banner-#If you read StreetAuthority often, you may have heard me talking about how I use a conservative strategy to trade options in my newsletter, Income Trader.

It’s nothing risky or hard. On the contrary, it’s been highly effective in scoring safe gains and income for my readers.

Here’s a recap of how it works.

In options trading, 80% to 90% of options buyers lose money… On the flipside, that means 80% to 90% of options sellers make money. That’s the part I’m interested in.

The way I take advantage of the winning side of options trades is by selling “put” options.

Put options give buyers the right — but not the obligation — to sell a stock at a specified price before a specified date.

Every time we sell a put contract, we receive cash, or what I call “Instant Income,” upfront.

Selling a put means we’re expecting the stock not to fall to a certain price, known as the strike price. If shares fall below the strike price, we’ll have to buy 100 shares for every contract we sold at the strike price (which isn’t a bad thing, as I only trade options on high-quality stocks I wouldn’t mind owning at a bargain price).

But if the stock goes up, or doesn’t drop to the price we specified, we pocket that upfront Instant Income as pure profit and the trade ends.

The majority of the time, the latter scenario happens.

In fact, out of 33 trades I’ve closed this year in Income Trader, all 33 have been winners.

— In March, we grabbed a 7.9% return on margin in 23 days — a 125.6% annualized return

— April saw our most impressive trade: 25.0% return in 43 days, or a 212.2% annualized return

— In May, an 11.0% return in 44 days — a 91.0% annualized return

— And in November, a 15.7% return in 44 days, or a 130.4% annualized return

Here’s a quick snapshot of my top 10 closed trades so far:

As you can see, the Instant Income we received upfront for selling the puts ranged from $40 up to $130 per contract traded. These 10 trades alone gave us $918 in Instant Income, for an average return of 11.1% per trade. (You can see all of my closed trades by clicking here.)

But here’s the important thing to remember — and it’s the key that’s led many of my readers to score the kinds of gains mentioned above…

These trades are assuming you sold just one put contract per recommendation.

If an investor were to just sell one contract for each of my 33 recommended trades since March, they would have pocketed a total of $3,264 in Instant Income since the service launched just eight months ago.

And here’s the kicker: the results are fully scalable. If an investor had sold 10 contracts (instead of just one) of each recommended trade for the year, they would have made 10 times as much in Instant Income — or $32,640.

Just look at how much Instant Income an investor could have made over the past 8 months by simply selling 5, 10, 15 or more put contracts for each of my recommended trades:

It’s the ability to scale up that’s allowed many of my readers to earn thousands in income every month.

Now that doesn’t mean there aren’t risks. As I mentioned, if we sell a put option, and the stock ends up falling below the specified price we set when we started the trade, we still get Instant Income upfront, but we’re obligated to buy 100 shares of the stock at that price for every contract we sold.

And of course, the more put contracts you sell, the more capital you have to commit upfront as a “down payment.”

But if you’re only using this strategy on high-quality stocks that you really like, the worst that could happen is you’ll be obligated to buy a great stock at a low price you were already willing to pay. (I showed an example where this happened last week in this article in case you missed it.)

To me, it’s a “win-win” scenario. And that’s quite rare in the financial world.

I say all this not to brag about my winning record. The results speak for themselves. My point in telling you this is to demystify options and show you how it can not only be safe, but also simple — all you need is the right strategy and the discipline to stick to it. I think we’ve achieved that with our recommendations in Income Trader, and I’m happy to see that readers are profiting handsomely from the results.

If you’ve ever been curious about options at all — and would like to know more about a safe, conservative approach to using options to generate a steady stream of Instant Income, I’ve put together everything you’ll need to know into a short presentation, which you can access here.

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