The 4 Game-Changing Companies I’m Excited About

I doubt you’ve ever heard of Rockhopper Exploration.

Rockhopper is a small U.K.-based oil company. But what’s unique about its business is that the company is a major player in the drilling around the Falkland Islands.

You likely remember the Falkland Islands as the centerpiece of the Falklands War between Argentina and Britain back in the ’80s. In that conflict, the British exerted their control over the islands, but not before about 1,000 soldiers lost their lives. A few months ago, a new chapter in the story was written.

Several small British companies (including Rockhopper) exploring in the waters north of the Falklands said they found oil. Early estimates suggest the site contains 3.5 billion barrels.

In response, the Argentine government began to block some ships from bringing in drilling equipment while denying that the British have any right to drill for oil around the islands. Now why would Argentina (along with some tough words from Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez) begin ruffling feathers over oil exploration in the Falkland Islands?

The only reason is because this opportunity is going to change the game for the economics of the region and the companies involved. In fact, I had a stake in shares of Rockhopper. And after favorable test results from its wells, I was able to close the shares out for a nearly +300% gain, even though it was a pretty bad time in the market.

That’s what can happen when you invest in what I like to call “game-changers.” These are companies with futures so strong and prospects so bright that their stocks seem like they can only move in one direction: up.

Of course, Rockhoppper isn’t the only game-changing stock out there. I think the opportunities are so great, I put together a short audio chat that offers details on several of the opportunities I’ve found (including a little more on Rockhopper). Simply click play below to watch.  (Please make sure your computer speakers are turned on and that your volume is high enough for you to hear the audio.)

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