These 10 Stocks Could Earn You Once-In-A-Decade Gains

If you’re starting to get nervous about the stock market, I don’t blame you.

Volatility is hitting record levels we haven’t seen in 25 years. Growth is slowing across the globe. The market is delivering one of its worst performances in years. But despite all these forces converging, you still have the chance to make once-in-a-decade gains, thanks to a time-honored StreetAuthority tradition.

I’m talking about the latest edition of our annual report: “Top 10 Stocks for 2016.” Without a doubt, this is our most anticipated piece of research each year. 

My staff and I have spent the past few months on this project, and it wasn’t cheap. I calculate the total cost of gathering, analyzing and distributing this data will come to more than $250,000.

And we take a big risk in publishing it. There are no take-backs with this report. Once it’s published, we’re locked in for the year. If we make bad calls, we know investors will remember it. That means when we publish them for everyone to see, we’re putting ourselves out on a limb in a big way. 

So far, that risk has paid off every year. Literally hundreds of thousands of investors have read — and profited — from this report. 

This year’s selections are uniquely positioned to deliver market-crushing gains and protect you from troubles on the horizon that are spooking many investors. 

In short, when you own stocks that make our list, you no longer need to worry about bear markets, flash crashes or rising interest rates. These stocks share a unique set of traits that allow them to outperform in any kind of market.

But we don’t need to ramble on about how much money this report has made for our readers in the past when the numbers do it for us.

Our 2014 picks beat the S&P by around 70%. And a little-known company we picked called MPLX shot up 71.6%.

In fact, since we started issuing our forecast, we’ve beaten the market more times than Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway. And we’ve even had years where our Top 10 Stocks delivered average gains of 37%… 38%… and 39%.

By comparison, the S&P 500 has only posted 37% annual gains one time in the past 40 years. 

That’s why I’m so excited to reveal this year’s picks.

Top Stock #4 has soared an astonishing 17,000% since 1990. That turned every $100 invested back then into $72,713.36 (with dividends reinvested), despite two market crashes and 34 months of recessions.

Another of these stocks has skyrocketed a mind-blowing 2,924% since 1972. It’s also paid a growing dividend for over 40 straight years, and even raised it during the 2008 recession. Less than 1% of stocks can boast anything close to that kind of safety and growth.

Because of their performance, many of the world’s greatest investors — including Warren Buffett — have owned shares of these stocks for years, using them to profit in any sort of market.

Again Top 10 Stock #4 is a perfect example. Billionaire money manager Jeremy Grantham owns a ton of this stock. Grantham is not your typical investor. He’s famous for calling both the 2000 and 2008 crashes. 

He recently made waves by telling Financial Times that he’s predicting another crash in 2016. How is he preparing? By owning an astonishing 35.7 million shares of Top Stock #4 — a stake valued at $924.5 million.

Billionaire Donald Yacktman — one of the most widely followed stock market gurus in America — also backed up the truck to buy this stock. Through the Yacktman Asset Management Company, he owns over $1 billion worth of shares.

Warren Buffett is taking similar action with Top Stock #5. He owns $1.3 billion worth of the company.

John Paulson, another billionaire who predicted the 2008 crash, just bought 11.9 million shares of Top 10 Stock #6.

And it’s not just billionaire stock gurus who are loading up on my Top 10 Stocks for 2016. Some of America’s wealthiest politicians are getting in on the action, too. 

One of my picks — Top 10 Stock #10 — is owned by a whopping 60 members of Congress.

That’s over 10% of the House and Senate… and it includes Michael McCaul, the sixth-wealthiest member. The chairman of the Committee on Homeland Security has at least $200,000 invested.

Same thing goes for fellow House member Rodney Frelinghuysen. Records show the New Jersey Republican has a stake as big as $30.3 million. 

Another of my picks — Top 10 Stock #5 — counts presidential candidate Ted Cruz as a shareholder, with a stake over $100,000. 

And it doesn’t just stop there. Secretary of State John Kerry owns shares of 8 of the stocks in my list. Former House Speaker John Boehner, Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito, Nancy Pelosi — the seventh-wealthiest member of Congress — they all have stakes in various picks, too. 

Look: I understand many investors probably have reservations about choosing stocks in the market these days. Between the Federal Reserve, China, oil prices, the upcoming election… there are plenty of reasons to feel uncertain about putting money into the market. 

But that’s exactly why we put this report together every year. These are the kinds of stocks you can buy and sleep well knowing you own a world-beating stock you could own “forever.” And with this report, you can collect these market-beating gains without having to put in countless hours of research. We’ve already taken care of it.

To find out how to get a copy of this report that our readers clamor over every year, simply click here. It’s called “Top 10 Stocks for 2016,” and it includes a full write-up on each stock I’ve described above. Join the other readers who have made significant gains by using this signature report. You won’t regret it.