5 Stocks To Profit From A Trump Presidency

Donald Trump, the real estate mogul and reality TV star, continues to gain ground in his quest to become the 45th President of the United States.

He also continues to face opposition, as leaders of the Republican party lash out against Trump’s seemingly bombastic tactics. 

#-ad_banner-#Granted, Trump has laid out some aggressive tax and national security plans, but he’s resonating with a large number of supporters. 

Trump is leading all other Republican candidates in both delegate count and in popularity polls. And in some general election polls, Trump has been neck-and-neck with Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton.

Whether Trump can maintain his momentum and dispel the naysayers remains to be seen. However, investors would be foolhardy not to consider what a Trump presidency may hold for their portfolios. 

So which companies could benefit from President Trump’s policies? 

Discretionary Stocks Could See A Boost
One of Trump’s planned tax breaks includes increasing the number of low income households that don’t pay taxes. Additionally, his platform includes a rate cut for corporations, to 15% from 35%. These cuts have the potential to spur economic growth. 

More money in people’s pockets means that consumer discretionary stocks should do well. The best play on the luxury discretionary market is Sotheby’s (NYSE: BID); however, even with Trump’s tax cuts, the typical household won’t be partaking in any Sotheby’s auctions. But they will be looking to continue improving their home, or even move up in the housing market. 

That makes Home Depot (NYSE: HD) an interesting play if Trump becomes President. And Trump’s grand plan to “make America great again” is built on the belief that homeownership is still part of the American dream. But more than that, Home Depot is also a bet on overall growth in building and infrastructure improvements in the United States.

Buy Big Construction 
If Trump really wants to make America great again, he’ll have to start with infrastructure. His plan to put a tariff on foreign goods, as well as his potential tax overseas profits, will ultimately force U.S. companies to build and invest more in America. 

Fluor Construction (NYSE: FLR) is the largest heavy construction company in the United States. If Trump’s plans spur economic growth as expected, Fluor should see a nice pickup in business. Then there’s concrete and aggregates, which are also key for infrastructure. The top play here is Martin Marietta Materials (NYSE: MLM), which has a wide-moat business protected by owned real estate and permitted quarries. 

The other catalyst that could make Fluor and Martin Marietta very interesting is if Trump is successful in getting a U.S.-Mexico border wall built. Fluor is one of the few construction companies in the world that handles complex construction projects for government entities.

Martin, meanwhile, has a very large footprint in Texas and California, which are the first and second largest users of aggregates and cement in the United States. Not to mention the fact that both states border Mexico. 

Will Oil Finally Make A Comeback?
One of Trump’s answers to national security is to bomb ISIS, which will undoubtedly throw oil supply in turmoil. I expect oil companies with a strong U.S. presence to do the best. The top play here is Anadarko Petroleum (NYSE: APC), which has exposure to the top U.S. shale plays, including the Permian Basin, Eagle Ford and Marcellus. 

Unlike other large U.S. oil companies, Anadarko’s overseas assets aren’t heavily tied to the Middle East. It’s also becoming more aggressive with its U.S.-focused production, planning to source over 65% of oil and gas production from the United States by the end of 2018. That will be an increase from just 40% in 2013. 

Risks to Consider: If Trump does get his way with much lower taxes and large tariffs, national debt levels may balloon and a trade war may break out. Ultimately, that would lead to higher prices for the U.S. consumer and a spike in unemployment for the export job market. All this could weigh on the economy and overall market, putting pressure on stocks above. 

Action To Take: In short, buying U.S.-based and focused companies with Trump-related tailwinds shouldn’t be overlooked if Trump continues to gain momentum. But the success of the above stocks — including HD, FLR, MLM or APC — is not directly tied to Trump becoming President. Home Depot should continue to do well regardless of the election. Meanwhile, Fluor and Martin Marietta will be interesting if the economy gains strength. Anadarko wins as the U.S. continues to source and use more of its own oil.

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This article originally ran on TopStockAnalysts.com: 5 Stocks To Profit From A Trump Presidency