Cash In On Stocks You Can Hold Forever

In a recent issue of StreetAuthority Daily, I told you all about my strategy for maximizing income by investing in stocks that fall in the high-yield ‘sweet spot’.

They aren’t the absolute highest yielding stocks on the market, but this special group of stocks has outperformed all others, and returned an average of 14% per year over the past 86 years.

And while these stocks are a key part of my portfolio — and consistently provide me ample dividend checks — “maximizing income” is just one aspect of my 3-part Daily Paycheck Retirement System.

#-ad_banner-#I like to call this second group of stocks “Fast Dividend Growers.”

These are the few companies that I think you could buy today and potentially hold for the rest of your life. And while you hold them, they can shower you with bigger and bigger dividends year in and year out.

These stocks have one very distinct characteristic — Fast Dividend Growers are generally dominant companies with growing cash flows that you can depend on to pay — and increase — their dividends year after year.

In other words, you likely won’t get a 10% yield from any of these companies right away. Instead, Fast Dividend Growers start out with smaller yields, but grow their dividends at a fast clip — sometimes even doubling them in just a few years.

So a good yield can often become an incredible yield over time.

Take a look at one of my favorite holdings, Magellan Midstream Partners (NYSE: MMP).

When I bought Magellan Midstream for my Daily Paycheck portfolio in February 2010, it had a solid yield of 3.5%.

Not bad. But that’s not the big story here.

You see, Magellan has increased its quarterly dividend 24 times since then — up almost 123.1% in a little over six years. That gives anyone who bought the company back when I recommended it a near 7.5% yield on their original investment.

And since MMP is a Fast Dividend Grower, it could continue increasing its dividend for years to come. After all, it’s already increased its dividend 56 times since it first started trading back in 2001.

If MMP sustains its current dividend growth rate, in 2021 it you could be getting a 15.5% yield on an investment made in 2010.

But a bigger dividend is just one area of growth this stock has provided.

From the time I recommended Magellan until today, I’ve enjoyed a total return over 331%, while the market has returned just 88%.

Since I bought shares of Magellan, it has returned nearly 4x as much as the S&P 500. 

And that’s been the case with many of my other Fast Dividend Growers as well.

In fairness to my paid subscribers, I can’t show you the names of all of them. But other holdings in my portfolio have returned 97%… 271%… even 345%, and more.

On average, this portion of my Daily Paycheck portfolio has delivered a total return of 83%.

So not only do Fast Dividend Growers increase their dividends — they tend to increase their share price at a fast clip.

That’s why they’re perfect if you want a rising stream of income coupled with large gains.

Now, as you might expect, Fast Dividend Growers are pretty rare. I search for them every month, and believe me, they’re not easy to find.

I search through thousands of companies to generate a list of stocks with solid dividend growth track records. Then I dig into annual reports and SEC filings. I look at everything from historical dividend payout ratios to a company’s competition and pricing power.

After I’m done with my investigation, there are only a handful of stocks left that make the cut. In fact, only a few dozen have made it into my portfolio since 2009.

But if you buy their shares today, my experience shows that within five to six years, your income could double.

That’s why Fast Dividend Growers make up another third of my Daily Paycheck retirement portfolio. They help me — and those following alongside me — collect bigger and bigger dividend checks and enjoy larger total returns.

So now I’ve showed you how the Daily Paycheck Retirement Plan can help you both maximize your income and maximize your gains. But what about minimizing risk? That’s where my last group of securities comes into play.

Combined with my “High-Yielders” and “Steady Income Generators”, these three groups of stocks have helped me earn over nearly $70,000 in dividend checks over the past four years — and they could do the same for you.

If you’re retired — or are set to retire in the coming years — you need the Daily Paycheck Retirement System on your side. I recently issued a report about how, thanks to a new law that Congress passed in late 2014, millions of Americans could see their retirement benefits cut by up to 50%.

If you watch my presentation, you’ll learn all about the last group of stocks I consider crucial for minimizing your investment risk — and get my secret to turbo-charging your own Daily Paycheck portfolio. Click here to watch it now.