Why I’m Not Worried About My Portfolio This Election Season

Chances are, you’ve read plenty of articles telling you how you should be investing this election season.

Articles like:

“Invest In These Companies If Clinton Is Elected”
“How To Profit From A Trump Presidency”

And more…

But I have news for you.


It doesn’t matter who gets elected. Based on factual historical data, chances are good that the market is going to sink. In fact, I’m bracing for as much as a 30% economic plunge. 

It’s hard to believe, but it’s true. History suggests that there’s a strong predictable pattern. 

Every four years, the American people head to the voting booth to elect the next U.S. president. The ripple effects from that vote can impact many financial markets… including the U.S. stock market. 

And economic turmoil has immediately followed almost every new President once he’s taken office. 

In 1937, Franklin D. Roosevelt’s first year, the market was down by 27.3%. Nixon watched the Dow Jones Industrial Average plunge 36%. In Reagan’s second year the unemployment rate hit 10.8% — the highest rate since the Great Depression. And according to CNN Money, in Obama’s second year, the market lost $2.8 trillion in value in only a few weeks… “some $600 billion of that went up in smoke” in just one day. 

The farther back you go, the longer this trend keeps going. 

In fact, from 1942 to 2004, the market saw an average drop of 24.78% within the first two years of each presidential term. 

Most investors ride the euphoria of an election year (like we’re in right now) to the very top… and get blindsided once the “honeymoon period” is over. 

This is when the excitement begins to wear off. But unfortunately for most investors, they forget to take their profits — or worse, they don’t know where to be invested to help curb the coming collapse in the markets. 

Here’s the good news. 

This time we know it’s coming. And there are certain industries and sectors that have proved resilient during the economic turmoil that tends to follow election years. 

Remember, despite what’s going on in the markets, there’s always something that is doing well… you just have to know where to look. 

Remember in 2008, when it appeared everyone was losing money? Well, most did. But a small group of investors prepared like I am now, and they banked gains as high as 144%… 196%… and even 413%. 

This was the same year the S&P 500 suffered a 38.5% loss and the Dow dropped 33.8%. 

So while history tells us that the economy will hit a trough for the next couple years, growth will be there. Even in bear markets, certain industries thrive. All you have to do is answer one question: 

Where is the money hiding? 

The answer: in some of the most obvious places. But I doubt 9 in 10 investors would even bother to look for them. 

If you want to find hidden gains during tumultuous times, then stop looking for “the next big thing.” When trying to find thriving industries during election season, you need to instead look for areas that won’t be impacted by a political party. 

For example, Republicans and Democrats have very different views on the energy industry — views that could seriously impact stock performance. Trying to find hidden money in energy would require predicting who will win the election. So energy wouldn’t work for us here. 

Instead, I’ve identified three stocks poised for growth over the next couple years, and beyond — regardless of the political landscape. 

These stocks will allow you to do more than simply weather the next couple years. You could pull in gains as high as 200.6% while the average investor is left scrambling. 

That’s why I created a special report — to help investors prepare. 

I’ll be honest: The stocks and industries in this report aren’t the most “exciting” investments out there. In fact, you’ve probably familiar with some of these companies. But according to my research, they’re exactly the kind of investment you want to own during the times ahead. 

Many investors’ eyes simply glaze over when they come across stocks like these. Yet, they’ve all made intelligent shareholders very wealthy over the last couple decades. For example, an initial $10,000 investment at the turn of the century in one stock in my report would be worth around $154,500 today. That’s an incredible 1,445% total return in less than 16 years. 

And that’s just the beginning… If you want to gain access to the ticker symbols and names of three stocks with triple-digit potential this election season, simply follow this link.