Released: Our Game-Changing Predictions For 2017

For the past several years, StreetAuthority has released annual reports on our most profitable predictions for the upcoming year. Of course, we never claim to have a crystal ball, so we can’t guarantee that each prediction will play out exactly as expected. That said, many of our predictions have delivered incredible wealth-building opportunities to readers.

For example, one of our first prediction reports told readers about “an opportunity of enormous proportions” in the nanotech industry. The game-changing stock we pinpointed in that report shot up 293%.

The next year, we said “the best sci-fi speculation of the year” would be a powerful new technology called “RFID” and told readers about three key companies to watch. Within a year, our recommended picks had soared 42%… 89%… and 310%.

Then, in 2014, we told investors about an up-and-coming drug developer with triple-digit potential written all over it. Sure enough, the following year saw the stock soar 189%.

And just last year, we recommended a stock that was developing key technology for desalination efforts in drought-ridden states like California…

In the last year, that stock soared by over 545%.

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More Innovation Means More Opportunities For Gains
Gains like this are the express mission of our premium newsletter, Game-Changing Stocks — to uncover select opportunities that could become life-changing investments.

Of course, to identify a groundbreaking idea, you have to be forward thinking… and you have to go out on a limb.

#-ad_banner-#Who would have thought just 10 years ago most of us would have tiny computers in our pocket or purse at nearly every waking moment — devices capable of accessing virtually all of the world’s knowledge? Needless to say, early investors in Apple (Nasdaq: AAPL) came out alright on that game-changer.

At its peak 12 years ago, Blockbuster consisted of more than 8,000 stores nationwide. Six years later, the ubiquitous company filed for bankruptcy protection. The culprit? A tiny upstart called Netflix (Nasdaq: NFLX), which had a better idea.

Remember the shopping mall? They haven’t built a major enclosed mall in the United States since 2006. Is it any coincidence that shares of online retailer Amazon (Nasdaq: AMZN) soared 2,000% since then?

You couldn’t find a single-serve coffee maker just a few years ago, and I doubt you would have invested in a company that produced them. Why would you? How could you improve a cup of coffee? But Diedrich Coffee did just that — creating a craze with its single-serve coffees and returning 9,610% for some shrewd investors.

Just as innovation grows and technology advances each year, so too does the list of game-changing opportunities available to investors. Think about it… look at everything we know today that has changed over just the course of a few years:

– Social media has played a game-changing role in challenging regimes around the world and electing presidents at home…

– Sports and entertainment are viewed with crystal clarity on screens as large as living-room walls and as small as a deck of playing cards…

– Farmers use unmanned aerial vehicles (drones) to assess crop conditions…

– Driverless cars are a thing, too…

The list goes on and on. But the important point is that most of us wouldn’t have thought half of this was possible a little more than a decade ago.

That’s why each year, we gather our collective resources at StreetAuthority and make these predictions. Our goal is to step aside from the day-to-day machinations of the stock market and look ahead — to what we like to call “the next big thing” that could change the world and make early investors a killing.

We release these predictions each year to the public in a special report. But the picks behind these predictions, of course, are what really make the money. And only subscribers to our premium Game-Changing Stocks service can access them. But, frankly, at only $99 for one year, we think our readers are more than happy to pay for this service in return for picks that can deliver many, many times that amount to their portfolio.

A History Of Triple-Digit Gains
Since Game-Changing Stocks was first launched back in July of 2010, we’ve found 24 triple-digit winners. That’s a 100%-plus gain almost every quarter, for the last six years running. Most investors are lucky to notch a triple-digit gain every three or four years.

And it’s all thanks to the incredible work done by the StreetAuthority research staff.

Here’s a table of just a few of the gains we’ve made over the years…

Of course, just as not every prediction we make won’t necessarily come true, not all of our picks will be winners. That’s how it goes when you’re looking for home runs. But I’d stack the record of Game-Changing Stocks up against any other advisory with the same mission.

How To Get Your Hands On This Year’s Report
This year’s predictions report promises to be one of our best ever. I’ll be diving into the specific predictions in more detail in the coming weeks, which include:

Prediction #1: Micro-VR Tech Will Mint A New Generation of Tech Millionaires

Prediction #2: Breakthrough Treatment Will Fight Zika & the World’s Deadliest Disease

Prediction #3: The “Other” Social Network’s 2017 Turnaround Will Take Investors By Surprise

Prediction #4: “Quant” Trading Tactics Will Make Their Way Into Many American Homes in 2017

Prediction #5: The Perfect “Pick-and-Shovel” Play For America’s Never-Ending College Boom

And that’s just half of this year’s predictions. If you’d like to access this year’s report, simply follow this link.