The 7 Stocks To Own For The Rest Of Your Life

Over the last decade, we’ve published thousands of in-depth research reports.

Everything from high dividend payers, game-changing innovations, top stocks in emerging markets — you name it, we’ve told you how to profit from it. 

But the research I’m going to tell you about today stands head and shoulders above everything else we’ve ever done. 

In fact, it ranks as our single most popular report of all time.

We call it: Our Ultimate “Forever Stocks.”

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You’ve probably heard us talk about the idea of “Forever Stocks” before. Simply put, these are solid companies that we think you can feel confident buying and holding onto for years, even decades. 

And we believe they will continue rewarding investors for years on end… crushing the market over the long run. They’re the kinds of stocks you’d ideally want to own forever.

Owning solid, stable companies “forever” may sound ridiculously simple. In fact, I bet I could tell 10 people about this strategy and 9 of them would flat ignore it — despite the evidence backing it up.

#-ad_banner-#But you should know that over the long term, this is a strategy that has never lost money.

Now, there are some caveats. I’m not saying you can simply go out and buy any stock and hold it forever. The market is littered with Enrons, Worldcoms, even General Motors. Holding those stocks forever didn’t help investors one bit.

But the truth is, if you look for the three simple signs of a Forever Stock, which I’ll show you in a moment, then you don’t have to trade every day, week or even every year to beat the market. Your success actually increases with the fewer trades you make and the longer you hold.

A recent study by mega-investment firm Oppenheimer proves the logic behind this. They looked at the S&P 500 going all the way back to 1950. Over that time, the S&P 500 has NEVER suffered a loss in a 20-year period.

Our team even did a little digging on our own. We looked at the annual returns of the S&P 500 going back to 1950. On a rolling annual basis, the S&P 500 has dropped 16 times over a one-year period since 1950, but zero times in any 20-year period. 

Take a look at the chart and see for yourself…

Of course, the data shows you can’t say the same for holding stocks for a year or two. When you hold stocks for a short period of time, your odds of losing money are much, much higher.

The trend is clear. The longer you hold an investment, the better your chances of making money.

No wonder Warren Buffett has always said his favorite holding period is “forever.”

But it’s surprising how many investors don’t follow this simple advice. The average holding period for an investment was about seven years in 1940. Today, depending on the source you use, that period shrank to about six months.

So while all the evidence points to longer holding periods being better for your portfolio, most investors are doing the exact opposite.

That’s why this research is so important. 

This year, after months of in-depth research, we uncovered an elite group of stocks so strong we believe you can buy them today and profit from them for the rest of your life — stocks that have delivered gains of 95.8%, 249%, and more…

The reason these 7 stocks have a history of market-beating performance is because they share three traits that have positioned them to deliver big gains and could help them deliver big gains for decades to come.

I put together a special report that describes exactly how Forever Stocks can earn you a lifetime of market-beating gains and income. 

Unfortunately, I don’t have enough room to get into all of the details of our research in today’s essay. That’s why I’ve included a link to my presentation here. 

By reading it it, you’ll discover the names and ticker symbols of several stocks I believe you can own for the rest of your life. We’ve spent months putting together the research for this presentation… And I think it’s the single most important piece of work we do. So go here to learn about Our Ultimate “Forever Stocks” right now.