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I don’t know about you, but I’m getting tired of hearing about the economic troubles in the eurozone. The media seem too focused on bad news, rather than reporting the tremendous progress that’s been made in cleaning up the debt mess and getting the struggling nations back on track. While… Read More

One of my favorite investing strategies is to follow the big money and mimick what the insiders and large money managers are doing.  Fortunately, insiders are required to make their stock transactions public using the SEC form 13F. These filings can provide you with a… Read More

I used to be one of the original Apple (Nasdaq: AAPL) skeptics. I disliked everything about the company, from its goofy logo to the names and artistic interfaces of the products. To me, it was clear these machines belonged in an art classroom and not the workplace like a regular… Read More

If you’ve read my articles lately, then you probably know how much I like following the pros when it comes to making investment decisions. I truly believe that following large fund managers, observing certain big-time investment analysts, their “copycats,” or even tracking the holdings of certain government officials is as… Read More

“Junk Bonds? Didn’t those risky things go the way of the DeLorean, Gordon Gecko and Michael Milken back in the 1980s?” That snarky question was recently asked my trading partner during a recent conversation about long-term investments.#-ad_banner-# It’s true that junk bonds are considered… Read More