David Sterman has worked as an investment analyst for nearly two decades. He started his Wall Street career in equity research at Smith Barney, culminating in a position as Senior Analyst covering European banks. While at Smith Barney, he learned of all the tricks used by Wall Street to steer the best advice to their top clients and their own trading desk. David has also served as Managing Editor at TheStreet.com and Director of Research at Individual Investor. In addition, David worked as Director of Research for Jesup & Lamont Securities. David has made numerous media appearances over the years, primarily on CNBC and Bloomberg TV, and has a master's degree in management from Georgia Tech. David Stermanon

Analyst Articles

Throughout the recent economic slump, investors began to wonder if the world’s oldest billion-dollar corporation would even survive. Think about that. A hallmark of American industry on the brink. . . Sound familiar? So what was this ‘mystery’ company? General Electric (NYSE: GE)? Nope. General Motors? Not… Read More