David Sterman has worked as an investment analyst for nearly two decades. He started his Wall Street career in equity research at Smith Barney, culminating in a position as Senior Analyst covering European banks. While at Smith Barney, he learned of all the tricks used by Wall Street to steer the best advice to their top clients and their own trading desk. David has also served as Managing Editor at TheStreet.com and Director of Research at Individual Investor. In addition, David worked as Director of Research for Jesup & Lamont Securities. David has made numerous media appearances over the years, primarily on CNBC and Bloomberg TV, and has a master's degree in management from Georgia Tech. David Stermanon

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Among the biggest losers in Friday’s early trading are Nvidia (Nasdaq: NVDA), Cirrus Logic (Nasdaq: CRUS) and CA (NYSE: CA). Top Percentage Losers — Friday, May 14, 2010 Company Name (Ticker) Intra-Day Price Intra-Day % Loss 52-Week High 52-Week Low Nvidia (Nasdaq: NVDA) $13.19 -10.0% $18.96 $8.33 Cirrus… Read More

“Is it safe?” Those famous words repeatedly uttered by Laurence Olivier in the 1976 thriller Marathon Man are always on the mind of Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulators. In fact, the FDA mandates that any drug undergoing clinical testing be assessed for its impact on the human heart. And… Read More

It’s not just the birds chirping and the flowers blooming. Even humans are getting in on the spring action; gearing up for softball leagues, mountain hikes and lazy days of fishing. This eternal ritual brings hordes of shoppers to sporting goods stores to check out the latest gear. That helps… Read More

The advice to Benjamin Braddock in the 1967 comedy-drama film The Graduate needs an update: the future is “bio-plastics.” At least that’s what Metabolix (Nasdaq: MBLX) thinks. The company has just received approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for its biodegradable plastics that can be used in… Read More

Investors continue to show their ambivalence about solar power stocks, as every fresh quarterly report is met with a fresh round of aggressive buying or selling, Simply put, these companies are neither as good nor as bad as their quarterly reports imply. Instead, these reports highlight that the industry is… Read More