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Back in May, I wrote about an unfortunate trend . America is getting fatter. The other unfortunate trend is that people generally fail when it comes to dieting. Although I can’t say dieting is an addiction like smoking, I can say that dieters, like smokers, just can’t… Read More

If someone told you two hundred years ago that an inherently worthless item would be hocked to generations of people, and that the asking price for this item would be several thousand dollars per gram, you probably wouldn’t believe it. But as an investor, you’d probably want a piece of… Read More

Warren Buffett — and Benjamin Graham before him — made their fortunes off of one simple strategy: buying assets at cheap, undervalued prices and then helping those assets realize their value. It’s a tried and true strategy that’s spawned generations of value investors. For an investor, it… Read More

There are literally thousands of companies that have been built on how people behave. Most of the time, these companies exist to serve people’s demands for something convenient, necessary or entertaining. But some companies exist because everyone is prone to mistakes. These are the kinds of investments… Read More

The word “bankruptcy” is anathema to most investors. Holding shares of a company in this position means investors are likely to be wiped out. Sometimes, however, a bankruptcy can be exactly the right thing for both the company and investors, if handled properly. Read More

In the hunt for stocks, equity investors often turn to mechanical things like screeners to help guide them. They set various criteria such as earnings growth or market cap and blindly follow the answers that get spit out. There’s nothing wrong with this approach,… Read More