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There was once a company akin to a 10-year-old on a triple espresso high, an energetic beast that wouldn’t rest. Its stock had superior risk-adjusted returns. The company became a global brand. It redefined what people do with their free time, giving them a place to meet and hang out… Read More

How many times have you walked through the aisles of your local grocery store and mindlessly grabbed items off the shelf that are staples of your home? Things like spaghetti sauce, dish soap, shampoo, paper towels… the little necessities life requires. How many times have you plucked… Read More

The saying goes something like this: “I have two words for you, ‘real estate‘.” These days, a lot of people may feel that those are actually dirty words. However, there are many different kinds of real estate, and one kind that never goes out of fashion. It’s… Read More