Analyst Articles

The words “government” and “efficiency” rarely go in the same sentence. How can one reduce “wasteful” spending, and alter or replace “inefficient” government programs in an efficient manner, while keeping everyone happy? We surely will see another heavyweight title showdown within Congress as Republicans and Democrats fight over the tens… Read More

Do you know how anyone with no financial background can outperform professional investors? It’s easy: Follow a smaller number of companies and truly understand what they do.  Behind every stock, there is a company and a story. By doing your homework, you can learn the intricacies of a particular company… Read More

Have you ever noticed that despite how bad times get, supermarkets continue to attract long lines of customers? Tenants who occupy space in strip malls next to supermarkets notice this as well. In fact, these days many tenants are bending over backwards in an effort to secure retail space adjacent… Read More

For most men, two of the scariest words they’ll ever hear are “I do.”  Without a doubt, marriage is one of the most difficult decisions a person can face. But for men in particular, the mere thought of uttering these words prompts painful visions of a future filled with deep… Read More