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Many people toss and turn each night. They’re restless. They can’t sleep. Or maybe they snore or wake up constantly. Is this you or someone you know? Sleep consumes about one-third of our lives, yet an estimated 70 million Americans suffer from some kind of sleep-disordered breathing… Read More

As the presidential election cycle heats up, everyone starts paying more attention to the economy‘s overall health. And according to recent nationwide USA Today/Gallup polls, most voters say their finances haven’t improved during the past four years. The truth is most families are still… Read More

Between 1946 and 1964, 76 million Americans were born. These so-called Baby Boomers are the largest generation the United States. This boom presents an interesting opportunity for investors, as we will see more than 10,000 people turn 65 every single day for the next 17 years. In fact, it is… Read More