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Avionics is a combination of the words “aviation” and “electronics,” and that’s exactly what the word means. It entails all electronic systems used on any aircraft, whether commercial or military, fixed-wing or helicopter. Avionics encompasses communications, weather detection, collision avoidance, engine and fuel control displays – all the blinking lights… Read More

Don’t look now, but radio frequency identification (RFID) chips are all around you. They’re used in toll booths, at the gas pump, in retail stores and on the farm to keep track of animals. They even allow store managers to change the price of a product on the shelf with… Read More

Composites are the most important materials to be adapted for aerospace since the use of aluminum in the 1920s. The use of these miracle materials is sweeping all sectors of aerospace. Broadly defined, composite materials represent the combination of inherently dissimilar materials, usually involving carbon, to form… Read More