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Finding a decent income stream in early 2010 was a difficult task for investors. After all, global stocks were still reeling from the aftershocks of what was arguably the worst global economic downturn and credit crisis since the 1930s. To fight the crisis, global central banks slashed… Read More

I’ve told you before about the opportunities in international companies… Dozens of countries are growing their economies at faster rates than the United States. The CIA World Factbook ranks the United States near the bottom in world gross domestic product growth — number 172 of 214 countries/territories. Read More

It’s a country that rarely gets any mention by the mainstream investing press.  Sure, you hear about India, China, Russia, and Brazil. And for good reason — those countries are growing at incredible rates, which has made many investors rich already… and… Read More

Twelve years ago, a total of $5 trillion in market value was lost when the “Dot-com” bubble burst. Many investors lost their life savings, their kid’s college funds, or their retirements as a result. Flash-forward to today, and I’m convinced many… Read More

I can’t think of a stock that’s more hated. I’ve written about this company several times before. I’ve personally owned it for years. But just about every time I mention it, I end up receiving nasty emails admonishing the fact that I would cover… let alone recommend…… Read More