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The Most Important Chart For You To See Right Now...

A very important story broke late last Friday... but few people seem to be talking about it.

by Amber Hestla | October 16, 2019
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The Shocking Signal My System Is Flashing Right Now...

October has been a spooky month for investors. But if you pay attention to the signals it's giving us, it doesn't have to be...

by Jimmy Butts | October 15, 2019
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7 Key Traits Of Buffett's Greatest Picks

The Oracle of Omaha has made his billions with these timeless investing principles.

by Brad Briggs | October 15, 2019
How to Protect Yourself When a Covered Call Trade Is Losing Money

Although the covered call strategy is fairly easy to implement, the true key to long-term success is being able to manage risk when trades do not go as planned.

by Profitable Trad... | October 14, 2019
How Dividends Affect Your Option Income Strategies

Traders can often overlook the impact dividends can have when analyzing their options trades. Here's how they can impact your trades when selling covered calls or selling puts.

by Profitable Trad... | October 11, 2019
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How To Get A Lifetime Of Income Growth And Capital Gains

You could buy them and hold for the rest of your life. And while you do, they shower you with bigger and bigger dividends year in and year out...

by Nathan Slaughter | October 11, 2019
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An Update On My "Risky" High-Yield Turnaround Pick

The stock has rallied, and some good news gives reason to be optimistic. Here's why there could still be triple-digit upside (plus income) in store for investors willing to take on the risk...

by Nathan Slaughter | October 10, 2019
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This Strategy Has Outperformed The Market For 83 Years

For over half a century, investors and traders have used this strategy to produce unparalleled results. Details here.

by Jimmy Butts | October 10, 2019
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One Reason I Got Out Of The Brokerage Business...

Nobody wanted to admit it, but the discount online brokers were poaching customers left and right. The writing was on the wall -- adapt or become obsolete.

by Nathan Slaughter | October 09, 2019
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Chances Are Good You'll Hate My Latest Pick...

When I see this much negative press regarding an industry or company, I like to dig deeper as there's usually a good investing opportunity lurking in the weeds -- or in plain sight.

by Jimmy Butts | October 09, 2019