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Be Uncle Sam's Landlord -- and Get a 7% Yield

You can either have the government pay you about 2% to hold treasuries... OR you can get it to pay you 7% with this investment.

by Joseph Hogue | January 29, 2013
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Corporate America's $1.7 Trillion "Problem" Could Save Your Retirement

It's time to take advantage of corporate America's $1.7 trillion "problem." This "problem" could actually lead to massive dividend increases, and an overall once-in-a-lifetime investing opportu

by Paul Tracy | January 29, 2013
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The Latest Major Energy Discovery Could "Dwarf North Dakota"

All told, it could hold up to 30 billion barrels of oil. And there's one stock that's in a prime position to benefit. Learn more...

by Chad Tracy | January 29, 2013
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The Cheapest Energy Stocks on the Market

In a fast-growing sector, valuations appear quite reasonable. Don't miss out on these solid -- and cheap -- energy plays.

by David Sterman | January 29, 2013
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This Small-Cap Biotech Could be Your Ticket to 91% Profits

If resistance can be broken, then this volatile stock will have bullishly completed a basing pattern. My trade has a very attractive risk/reward ratio of about 9:1.

by Melvin Pasternak | January 29, 2013
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This Breakout Stock Could Deliver Double-Digit Gains by Mid-2013

This diversified Mexican beverage company is breaking out to new all-time highs, and with no historical resistance in sight, shares could continue to surge.

by Deborah O'Malley | January 28, 2013
The Housing Boom Could Send This Stock 50% Higher

This stock's explosive growth and yield allows you to profit from the housing boom without buying real estate. Here's how...

by Admin Admin | January 28, 2013
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This High-Yielder is Up 79% in 2 Years and It's Still a Buy

Say hello to a country-specific fund with a yield is set to return to near double digits.

by Bob Bogda | January 28, 2013
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A Stock That Could Land Double-Digit Profits for Traders

With an upbeat fundamental outlook and a bullish technical breakout in sight, this stock could hit a new all-time high.

by Deborah O'Malley | January 25, 2013
My Favorite Way to Beat Obama's Tax Hikes

Now that we know the exact numbers, it's time to position your portfolio in the most tax-advantageous way. Here's how I'd do it...

by Admin Admin | January 25, 2013