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The 8 Safest High-Yield Stocks in the S&P 500

Investors searching for yield in stocks need to pay close attention to this key metric.

by Michael Vodicka | January 23, 2013
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13 Growth Stocks Trading for a Bargain

Double-digit growth forecasts and below-market P/E multiples make these the top bargains in the S&P 500.

by David Sterman | January 22, 2013
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Get Income and Safety With These 9 High Yielders

Retirees looking for more stability in large-cap dividend stocks should consider this key metric. That's how I found these nine "ultimate-stability" stocks...

by Michael Vodicka | January 22, 2013
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Get Growth and Income from the World's Largest Telecom

This mega-cap wireless provider has plenty more room to grow. Best yet, its 3.5% yield gives investors a steady income stream. Details here...

by Adam Fischbaum | January 21, 2013
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This 9%-Yielder Has Paid 146 Consecutive Dividends

Investing in certain "Dividend Aristocrats" is one of the smartest and simplest ways to make money in the stock market.

by Carla Pasternak | January 21, 2013
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Rare 'Sell' Signal Saying it is Time to Short Gold

When all three time frames of this little-known indicator agree, the market moves tend to be large. And that's happening right now.

by Michael J. Carr | January 21, 2013
Bullish Breakout in This Pharma Stock Could Deliver 88% Profits

The chart targets a 21% move higher, but traders who use a capital-preserving, stock substitution strategy could make more than four times that much.

by Alan Knuckman | January 18, 2013
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10 Short-Squeeze Stocks Ready to Take Off

These 10 stocks are highly-shorted, making them candidates for big gains on a market-driven short squeeze.

by Michael Vodicka | January 18, 2013
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The Simple Way To Invest In The Market's 'Buyback Kings'

Here's a simple way to get paid a special type of "tax-free dividend." 

by Chad Tracy | January 18, 2013
This Controversial Stock Could be the Ideal Income Generator

As the battle between short sellers and value buyers continues, traders can use a different approach to profit.

by Alan Knuckman | January 18, 2013