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Does This Market Have The Ingredients For A "Black Monday" Crash?

Let's take a look at what happened back then -- because it can be instructive when thinking about where we're at in the market today.

by Amber Hestla | May 22, 2019
A Reliable Signal a Price Move is Coming

A doji candlestick signals that price action is likely to become more volatile, meaning a tradable move could be approaching.

by Profitable Trad... | May 20, 2019
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Why Sticking With A Proven Strategy Beats Ditching It

If you've ever had second thoughts about your trading strategy, you're not alone. But if it's a proven strategy, here's why you should stick with it...

by Jimmy Butts | May 17, 2019
A System That Offers Signals for Quick Profits

The opening range breakout strategy is widely used by traders to profit from intraday moves.

by Profitable Trad... | May 16, 2019
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2 Bearish Stories That Could Spur A Major Rally

These major market stories may seem bearish -- but the more I consider the news, the more convinced I am that there could be an explosive rally in the stock market. Here's why...

by Amber Hestla | May 15, 2019
This Moving Average Strategy Beats Buy and Hold by Nearly 3-to-1

Not only did testing show that this was the best moving average for timing trades, it also returned significantly more than a buy-and-hold strategy.

by Profitable Trad... | May 13, 2019
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What I Found In This Research Is Keeping Me Up At Night...

The conclusions made in this academic report are the kind of thing that keeps me awake at night...

by Amber Hestla | May 08, 2019
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This Proven Tool Is Telling Me The Bull Market Isn't Over

This reliable indicator provides the single most positive indication that this bull market is not yet over. Learn more...

by Jimmy Butts | May 06, 2019
This Common Chart Pattern Offers a Clear Trade Setup

This pattern allows traders to easily define price targets and risk levels for their trade setups.

by Profitable Trad... | May 03, 2019
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How I'm Earning "Bonus Dividends" From Coca-Cola

If you've been following along with me lately, then you know I'm concerned about the market -- which makes this the perfect trade right now...

by Amber Hestla | May 02, 2019