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My No. 1 Pick In A Sector On The Verge Of A Breakout

When the big pharmaceutical group catches fire, this particular stock looks set to lead its peers higher.

by Michael Kahn | April 14, 2016
Tom Vician CMT's picture
Former Investor Darling A Great Deal Or A Screaming Sell?

Investors are wondering whether this is their chance to buy a one-time favorite at a deep discount. Click here for more.

by Tom Vician CMT | April 12, 2016
This Blue Chip Is Due For A Drop

Shares of the property and casualty insurer have been bucking the bearish trend in financials... until now.

by Michael Kahn | April 07, 2016
Under $5 Stock Could Double In The Next 6 Months

Shares of this forgotten company are showing signs of a turnaround and are worth a gamble at these low prices.

by Michael Kahn | March 24, 2016
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2 Dangerous Stocks Investors Should Avoid At All Costs

There is almost certainly more pain in store for these well-known names.

by Tom Vician CMT | March 22, 2016
Struggling Tech Stock Offers 2:1 Reward/Risk Setup

The weight of the technical evidence supports another double-digit drop in shares.

by Michael Kahn | March 18, 2016
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Popular Stock Just $1 Away From A Breakout

A highly bullish chart formation predicts a double-digit run in shares of this well-known company.

by Deborah O'Malley | March 16, 2016
Left-For-Dead Stock On The Verge Of A Bullish Breakout

If shares can break through nearby resistance, they could rally 20% over the next few weeks.

by Michael Kahn | March 11, 2016
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Indicator Signals Unknown Small Cap Is An Immediate 'Buy'

Its business may be boring, but a powerful indicator says its shares are about to surge

by Tom Vician CMT | March 08, 2016
Unloved Blue Chip Ready For A Quick Pop

It's been on a wild ride, but following what looks to be a selling climax, buyers are rushing in

by Michael Kahn | March 04, 2016