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Chart Predicts This Stock Is About To Plummet

Despite trading near its 52-week high, it is showing all the technical signs of a stock ready to fall.


by Michael Kahn | January 15, 2016
This Health Care Stock Is Set To Tumble

Shares broke down from a bear flag pattern this week, signaling they are not likely to recover. Sell now.

by Michael Kahn | January 07, 2016
This $10 Stock Could Make A Big Comeback In 2016

The charts point to a big rebound in the new year for a stock that many investors have written off. Click here to learn more.

by Michael Kahn | December 31, 2015
Brad Briggs's picture
This Trading Mistake Could Cost You A Fortune

Wall Street insiders use this trading strategy to consistently find success in any market. Details here.


by Brad Briggs | December 28, 2015
Pundits Say This Blue Chip Is A 'Buy,' But The Charts Say, 'Sell'

One of this year's big winners may be ready to tumble, and I want to sell before there is a stampede for the exits.

by Michael Kahn | December 23, 2015
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Small Cap's Breakout Could Be The Start Of A Huge Run


This robotics leader just took out an important resistance level and could now move sharply higher.

by Melvin Pasternak | December 22, 2015
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2 Simple Rules To Help Avoid Portfolio Disasters

This is one of the most underrated, ignored and overlooked areas of investing -- and by far the most important.

by Tom Vician CMT | December 16, 2015
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The No. 1 Travel Stock To Buy Now

Fear put the entire sector on sale, but shares of this company just broke out to the upside.

by Melvin Pasternak | December 09, 2015
This Stock Is Headed For A Double-Digit Drop -- And Fast

Its chart has all the hallmarks of a stock ready to break down. Sell now.

by Michael Kahn | December 08, 2015
Breakout Says This Stock Could Score Traders Fast Profits

If you're sitting on the sidelines, you could be missing out on great short-term opportunities like this.

by Michael Kahn | December 03, 2015