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Profit from the Commodity That Hasn't Surged...Yet

Without hedges in place, this natural gas producer has the most leverage to a pricing upturn in this clean fuel.

by David Sterman | April 28, 2010
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Two Billion-Dollar News Stories No One Even Noticed

By the time this story is on the evening news, someone else will have earned all the profits.

by Andy Obermueller | April 23, 2010
Get 9.6% from an MLP on Steroids

This security structure enables investors to receive even higher income than from a master limited partnership. One such security pays a yield approaching double digits -- and it could go even higher.

by Tom Hutchinson | April 22, 2010
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A Precious Metal Play for All Seasons

This metals producer could have +50% upside if precious metals can continue their incredible run.

by David Sterman | April 20, 2010
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A Small-Cap Energy Play with a 13% Yield

I've uncovered a small-cap energy company that's a pure play on rising oil and gas prices. Best of all, the company yields a staggering 13.2%.

by Carla Pasternak | April 16, 2010
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A Smart Grid Stock for Years to Come

This high-growth company's tool kit can help boost our nation's power infrastructure and deliver lasting gains.

by David Sterman | April 14, 2010
This Company is Just Beginning (Another) Huge Bull Run

The financial crisis has created a temporary situation that has driven the price of this company down. It's cheap now but on the rise, and it's not going to be on sale much longer.

by Tom Hutchinson | April 09, 2010
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Inside the Numbers: Undervalued Commodity Stocks

Commodity prices can be a boom-or-bust affair. But when times are lean, commodity-oriented companies can present tremendous opportunities for value-minded investors. Here are the best bargains in commodity stocks right now...

by Brad Briggs | March 30, 2010
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Capture High Yields From the Bull Market in Oil

Last week, near simultaneous alerts from several major powers all but assured investors that the bull market in oil is here to stay. With this in mind, I've uncovered one of the best ways to find high yields thanks to crude oil.

by Paul Tracy | March 29, 2010
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What Can We Learn from an Oil Legend's Portfolio?

Legendary energy tycoon T. Boone Pickens hasn't been in the spotlight much recently as in the past, but his hedge fund's recent filing can give us a glimpse at what he's up to...

by Brad Briggs | March 26, 2010