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Gold Isn't Anywhere Near Its High

With gold setting new records, everyone thinks it's more expensive than ever. But a little investigation shows us that it's nowhere near an all-time high.

by Anthony Haddad | October 14, 2009
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Barack Obama's Hush-Hush $1.4 Billion Carbon Competition

The administration has quietly named 12 teams for an exclusive race to develop an obscure process. The winner will get $1.4 billion from Uncle Sam and may prove to have the most valuable technology in the world. Here's how to take advantage of the profits to come.

by Andy Obermueller | October 06, 2009
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The Smartest Way to Play Natural Gas

This best-in-class producer can help long-term investors profit from the impending rise in the price of this critical commodity.

by Francisco Bermea | September 21, 2009
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Two Discoveries that Change Everything

Two multibillion-barrel finds this month are altering ideas about the future of petroleum exploration and production. They're also totally changing the value of some of the industry's biggest companies, creating enormous opportunity for investors.

by Andy Obermueller | September 18, 2009
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September: Bad for Stocks, Great for this Investment

The average return for stocks during September is -1%. Here's how to ward off those losses and ink an average +8% gain this month.

by Francisco Bermea | September 08, 2009
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This Bellwether Sector Indicates Bad News for Entire Economy

Money may make the world go around, but this industry gets it there. This vital index is falling fast and could spell trouble for the markets.

by Anthony Haddad | September 04, 2009
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How to Buy Oil for Only $4.67 a Barrel

Commodity traders the world over are paying nearly $70 for a barrel of crude, but there's a much smarter way to go about it. Here's an easy way to buy oil today for just a fraction of its market price.

by Andy Obermueller | September 02, 2009
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The Gold/Platinum Disconnect May Be Headed for a Reversal

A strike at the largest platinum mine in the world is putting pressure on platinum prices, which are at historic lows compared to gold. But supplies are dwindling fast, and a surge could be coming any day.

by Anthony Haddad | September 01, 2009
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A +450% Gain is Only the Beginning

This company's products are used in renewable energy, telecom and construction. It can barely keep up with demand, and the share price could soon catch up.

by Nathan Slaughter | August 28, 2009
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An Easy Way to Play the Sugar Crisis

Too much rainfall on one side of the world and too little on the other have caused sugar prices to hit a 28-year high. But this might not be the end of the run-up, and there's a surprisingly easy way to trade this commodity.

by Anthony Haddad | August 20, 2009