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Oil Limits are Political Grandstanding, Not a Solution

Politicians want you to think that the proposed limitations on oil future traders will change the market. They are merely a posturing act done by politicians and market naysayers. Read the proposal carefully, the futures market won't change.

by Kyle Hartman | July 09, 2009
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Natural Gas Prices Show Oil Has a Long Way to Fall

We've seen a barrel of oil rise from nearly $40 to over $70 in the last three months. That's been great news for oil investors. Meanwhile, natural gas has been in an uninterrupted downtrend since last July. Recently, oil has pulled back sharply and judging by the historical relationship between oil and natural gas, there's no reason for it to stop falling yet.

by Meredith Margrave | July 07, 2009
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The Unknown Trillion-Dollar Coal Technology

Coal. If you think coal is dirty and does nothing but emit greenhouse gases and wreak environmental havoc, you're wrong. You've bought the hype. The fact is that, used properly, coal can be used to generate power with ZERO emissions. And the trick behind this technology is so simple, so elegant that you'll be amazed that no one's thought of it until now.

by Andy Obermueller | June 08, 2009
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Answers to Your Questions About Profiting From Government Actions

The United States government is committing over $13 trillion to get the economy back on track. Companies are readily accepting this cash and putting it to good use while investors are clamoring to learn just how they can profit from the greatest financial force on the planet. An informed investor will be a successful investor. Let's take a look at your questions -- and the answers.

by Andy Obermueller | May 14, 2009
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What The Brutal Winter Means For Natural Gas Stocks

The futures market is ignoring the multiple demand drivers for natural gas. These two drillers are in line to profit...

by David Sterman | December 31, 1969
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The 7 Words That May Jumpstart The Bull Market In Gold

Two weeks ago, new Fed chairman Janet Yellen shocked the market with this controversial sentence. Here's the most important message behind what she said...


by Austin Hatley | December 31, 1969