Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs)

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5 Crypto Trends To Watch In 2019

I expect 2019 to be a big year for cryptocurrency investment opportunities. Here's why...

by David Goodboy | January 10, 2019
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5 Best ETFs For Your Retirement Portfolio

Earning income with a diversified portfolio that utilizes ETFs is a godsend for many investors. Here are my five favorite ETFs for a retirement portfolio...

by David Goodboy | December 17, 2018
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5 Best-Performing Sectors Of 2018

Consider adding one or more of these top performers to your portfolio.

by David Goodboy | August 24, 2018
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Cash In On Tax Reform With These 3 Funds

After muddling through the post-financial crisis landscape, U.S. commercial banks are starting to show signs of life.

by Adam Fischbaum | October 16, 2017
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5 ETFs Primed To Surge On A Short Squeeze

These crazy bullish moves wipe out swaths of investors, while at the same time rewarding a savvy minority.

by David Goodboy | July 14, 2017
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2 Ways Investors Like You Can Profit From Bitcoin

Now you can participate in this crazy market without leaving the comfort of your existing broker.

by David Goodboy | July 06, 2017
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3 ETF-Supported Stocks With Room To Run

The overwhelming trend towards passive investing has created a golden opportunity for investors willing to find individual stocks.

by Joseph Hogue | June 15, 2017
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3 Ways To Make The Biggest Contrarian Bet Of The Year

By stepping back and questioning the herd’s stampede in one direction, smart investors can find huge opportunities.

by Joseph Hogue | February 03, 2017
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Are 'Value' ETFs Worth The Risk?

Don't let Wall Street lull you to sleep with passive investing marketed as value investing.

by Richard Robinson | January 30, 2017
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This Sector Will Suffer From Rate Hikes -- But We'll Profit. Here's How...

A rising interest rate environment also supports a bearish case for some stocks, and I've found a trade to capitalize on this scenario

by Jared Levy | January 05, 2017