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Retailer's Major Uptrend Signals More Profits Ahead

     With no resistance in sight, shares of this discount chain have nowhere to go but up.

by Melvin Pasternak | June 26, 2015
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The Only Place To Find Safe Yields

If you're worried about where to find robust, reliable yields when interest rates rise, then read this...


by Joseph Hogue | June 16, 2015
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The 2 Best Plays In An Industry That Could Double By 2020

In an industry that's expected to exceed $5 trillion by 2020, these two firms appear to have the most upside. Here's why.

by Chris Walczak | June 12, 2015
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A Monthly Dividend Payer That's Beating The Market

If you're looking for broad exposure and reliable dividends but with less risk than the average security, then this is the perfect investment. Details here.

by Tim Begany | June 08, 2015
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Every Time A Stock Splits, This Fund Wins

Early results suggest that this fund's unique strategy -- owning stocks that recently split -- could lead to outperforming the market. Details here.

by Tim Begany | May 20, 2015
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As The Dollar Rises, Look To These Small-Cap ETFs

A strong dollar could hurt companies with major international exposure. Look to this group of exchange-traded funds offering exposure to U.S.-focused small-cap companies.

by David Sterman | April 13, 2015
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The Easiest Way To Profit From Insider Buying

    It's one of the best indicators of market-trouncing returns, but keeping up with insider action is impractical for most investors. Here's how to benefit from their knowledge without giving up your time.

by Tim Begany | April 09, 2015
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It's Time To Buy The Market's Most-Hated ETF

Investor confidence in this sector is at all-time lows and the exchange-traded fund that represents it is heavily shorted. This spells opportunity for contrarians.

by Joseph Hogue | March 19, 2015
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Buck The Crowd With These Gold ETFs

Gold prices have slumped, but several catalysts can support sharply higher prices for the yellow metal this year. Details here.

by Tim Begany | March 17, 2015
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Invest in Stocks With the Least Volatility

Volatility can be a nightmare for your portfolio. Get broad, sensible exposure to U.S. and foreign stocks, while cutting down substantially on price fluctuation

by Tim Begany | February 24, 2015