Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs)

Now's the Time to Buy These High-Yield Gems

This sector is tailor made for steady income and should emerge as the ultimate income investor's dream during the next decade. And, the market has just created another chance to get in.

by Tom Hutchinson | June 08, 2010
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You Could Capture +19.1% by Shorting This Fund

The S&P 500 declined nearly -9.5% this past May, the largest percentage loss since February 2009. With renewed concerns over European debt, the outlook for June and beyond may be continued weakness for this fund.

by Melvin Pasternak | June 08, 2010
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These New ETFs Have Bright Futures Ahead of Them

More than 60 new exchange-traded funds (ETFs) have hit the market place in the past few months. One group, however, may hold the most promise.

by Nathan Slaughter | June 02, 2010
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This Time Around, this Country's Stocks May Not be Immune to Foreign Policy

Debunking a long-held piece of investor dogma.

by David Sterman | June 01, 2010
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A "Super-Charged" Play on Oil

I am a big fan of oil right now, as I think it is significantly oversold. I also think we have a three-week window of opportunity that could generate substantial upside profits if my market forecast charts are right.

by Mike Turner | June 01, 2010
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A $1.5 Trillion Tidal Wave is About to Flood this Tiny Sector in the Next Decade

President Obama and private industry have committed $8 billion to developing this promissing sector -- and that's just the beginning. Dozens of companies are getting in on the action, but I've found a way to hold all of them...

by Nathan Slaughter | May 28, 2010
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Is it Too Late to Join the Gold Rally?

The reasons for gold's luster are changing. Time to take profits, or join the rush?

by David Sterman | May 26, 2010
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What Wise Investors Should Do Today

Following the herd on days like this is nothing but a good way to lose money. Consider another course of action -- and take a look at these picks.

by Andy Obermueller | May 20, 2010
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Tech Stocks are Potentially Heading Higher -- Yes, Higher! -- And Here's How to Play Them

I believe we have a six-week window to potentially make some money in the technology space. Why? Because my proprietary time-cycle forecast models are pointing to the biggest move in the tech-heavy Nasdaq that I have seen in over a year.

by Mike Turner | May 17, 2010
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Euro Panic: What Investors Should Do

Even after the $1 trillion EU/IMF relief package, the euro's status an alternative reserve currency still looks to be in jeopardy. In fact, this rock solid 'currency' is already replacing it...

by Nathan Slaughter | May 12, 2010