Growth Investing

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Looking for Value in a Challenging Market

A look at low P/E stocks reveals some interesting candidates.

by David Sterman | June 28, 2010
Why You Should add these Ignored Securities to Your Portfolio

Investors mistakenly shy away from these securities because they seem exotic and hard-to-understand. We break down the lingo so you can learn how to take part in the great yields and capital gains that others are missing.

by Frederick M. Steier | June 28, 2010
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1.9 Billion Asian Consumers Could Push this Fund to Runaway Returns

It just might be one of the biggest, far-reaching pacts of the decade -- and I'm betting you've never heard of it. Nevertheless, this fund just might be the best way to capture the benefits of this monumental agreement.

by Nathan Slaughter | June 28, 2010
The Best Luxury Name to Own for a Recovery

The last companies to expand in a recession are the luxury item sellers, but now could be the perfect time to buy. This global brand luxury brand is expanding, but its stock still sells at a discount.

by Frederick M. Steier | June 25, 2010
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3 Things People Miss When Looking for the Next Hot Small Cap

Just a few small-cap stocks can boost a sagging retirement portfolio. Discover three key factors behind the meteoric rise of the decade's best performing small-caps.

by Amy Calistri | June 24, 2010
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A Growing Rift about Profit Estimates for 2011

Top-down and bottom-up market analysts have two very different views for profits.

by David Sterman | June 24, 2010
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Use These Little-Known Securities to Hedge Downside Risk

These hybrid securities offer more downside protection than stocks during market downturns, but contain much of the upside that comes with bull markets. Here is a brief overview of their key features, as well as two appealing opportunities.

by Ryan Fuhrmann | June 23, 2010
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Price Wars are Part of this Firm's Plan

This massive e-commerce player has plenty to gain by duking it out with rivals.

by David Sterman | June 23, 2010
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New Taxes May Hurt Big Tobacco, but this Stock is a Winner

New York state's recent actions may be a trendsetter for cash-strapped states.

by David Sterman | June 23, 2010
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A Little-Read Report Reveals BP's Energy Outlook

A glut in supply may lead to stable or even shrinking energy prices for quite some time. Big oil may suffer, but several sectors will benefit.

by David Sterman | June 22, 2010