Growth Investing

Insiders are Scooping up this Cash Machine

Everyone makes mistakes, so why not invest in a company that helps people in tough times?

by Frederick M. Steier | June 22, 2010
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This Global Fast Food Chain is Expanding Like Crazy in China

The latest decision to allow its currency to appreciate against the dollar underscores the massive opportunity for this American fast food chain in China.

by Brad Briggs | June 22, 2010
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Bringing Fresh Water to Billions... For $4 Per Share

The need for fresh water is only going to increase, and that means opportunity for well-placed investors. I've found one tiny company that looks likely to lead the charge in bringing clean water to the billions that need it.

by Andy Obermueller | June 21, 2010
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"Mad Men" Stocks for the 21st Century

Fans of "Mad Men," the hit TV show about advertising executives in early 1960s New York know the vital role advertising plays in everything from toothpaste to auto insurance. But now the industry looks to have a major tailwind, making these new-age players look interesting.

by Nathan Slaughter | June 21, 2010
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The Next Chapter (and Opportunity!) in Ethanol

You've likely heard some conflicting reports, but there's future in ethanol... and it's big. But this future doesn't have to do with corn-based ethanol. Instead, a new technology is going to change the face of the industry -- and one company is leading the charge.

by Andy Obermueller | June 18, 2010
A Global Rebound Play that's Right Under Your Nose

There’s nothing better than owning a company that’s part of an oligopoly, has a global brand name, and whose reputation is as reliable as its stock returns.

by Frederick M. Steier | June 17, 2010
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This Company is Raking in the Cash

After years of heavy spending, a number of different scenarios could reward shareholders.

by David Sterman | June 17, 2010
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The Canadian Company Unlocking 202 Million Pounds of Chinese Uranium

I've uncovered the stock of an unknown Canadian company sitting on a potential gold mine. With demand for uranium expected to increase dramatically, it has discovered a new way to capture the element. And the best news is that the Chinese have granted them access to their country.

by Andy Obermueller | June 17, 2010
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Potential Rewards for Patient Investors in a Beaten-down Sector

As this industry gets going, investors should return in force.

by David Sterman | June 17, 2010
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Thursday Winners: Neurocrine Biosciences, Pier One and Winnebago

Among the biggest winners in Thursday's early trading are Neurocrine Biosciences, (Nasdaq: NBIX), Pier One (NYSE: PIR) and Winnebago (NYSE: WGO).

by David Sterman | June 17, 2010