Growth Investing

Peter Lynch Would Love this Hated Growth Story

When Uncle Sam privatizes and outsources a government function, you can bet that the opportunity it creates will be lucrative. This business is no different. It has emerged from tough times, has the backing of a huge hedge fund manager and is entering a period of secular growth.

by Frederick M. Steier | June 09, 2010
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This Global Powerhouse is Ready for a Comeback

After a precipitous fall, shares of this agriculture firm are defying the market's gravity. A rebound may be in the offing.

by David Sterman | June 08, 2010
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Get Ready for this Auto Stock to Make Another Run

The short-term pop is over, but investors should use this pullback as an opportunity to hop-in for the long-run.

by David Sterman | June 08, 2010
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Bad News in the Gulf Spells Higher Profits for These Stocks

A drilling slowdown in the Gulf of Mexico should cut supply enough to boost these land-based operators.

by David Sterman | June 07, 2010
A Trendy Retailer that Always Outlasts

Retail is a dicey business, but this stock has seen its share of tough times. The consistent ability to reinvent itself has kept it afloat and should deliver big gains as things turn around.

by Frederick M. Steier | June 07, 2010
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A 'Boring' Tech Company that Could Easily Double Your Money

This company may not be as flashy as other technological rivals, but it's close to a sure bet given its high cash flow and rapid growth prospects.

by Ryan Fuhrmann | June 04, 2010
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The One Number Every Investor Should Know about BP

Investors need to do the math to see value in the troubled oil giant.

by David Sterman | June 04, 2010
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Can Going to War With Apple Save this Tech Giant?

Gobs of cash, a cheap stock price, a new product and rising demand spell upside for investors seeking value and growth.

by David Sterman | June 04, 2010
This Ignored Stock Holds Value and Growth

A global brand name that investors don't associate with growth is using brand leverage to generate +23% earnings growth this year.

by Frederick M. Steier | June 03, 2010
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These Stocks are Rising +50% or More in a Down Market

These securities share a common trait that’s so strong it allows them to defy gravity and generate spectacular returns while the broader market loses ground.

by Andy Obermueller | June 03, 2010