Growth Investing

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Why We Beat the Crowd on Apple

While in the thick of earnings season, it's important for investors to see the forest for the trees. That's what led us to make the call on Apple. Find out why...

by Nathan Slaughter | April 26, 2010
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Two Billion-Dollar News Stories No One Even Noticed

By the time this story is on the evening news, someone else will have earned all the profits.

by Andy Obermueller | April 23, 2010
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Inside the Numbers: Small-Cap Stocks Poised to Pop

These small, little-known companies have two things in common: great fundamentals and bright futures.

by Brad Briggs | April 21, 2010
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Baby Boomers Should Continue to Drive this Stock's Gains

It's estimated that 13,000 Americans will turn 60 every day for the next 20 years. That puts this medical device maker in a great position.

by David Sterman | April 21, 2010
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Invest Like a Wall Street Insider with This New Fund

Mergers and acquisitions activity is heating up and Wall Street insiders are gaming the system to book quick and easy profits. Now you can too...

by Nathan Slaughter | April 20, 2010
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Watch as this Market Leader Regains its Mojo

After a difficult stretch, this leading video-game developer is beginning to hit its stride.

by David Sterman | April 19, 2010
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When a Good Stock Moves Higher in a Bad Market...

If you're going to stay long in this market, this tech stock could be an ideal pick.

by Mike Turner | April 19, 2010
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A Small-Cap Energy Play with a 13% Yield

I've uncovered a small-cap energy company that's a pure play on rising oil and gas prices. Best of all, the company yields a staggering 13.2%.

by Carla Pasternak | April 16, 2010
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This Unknown Stock is Leading the 3-D Revolution

This company was already a dominant leader in its field, but 3-D technology is opening a new world of possibilities. That's good news for shareholders...

by Brad Briggs | April 15, 2010
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This Small, Ignored Company Is Positioned for Huge Growth

After reporting record fourth-quarter revenue last week, shares didn't move. Why? Because investors aren't paying attention to this microcap...yet.

by Anthony Haddad | April 14, 2010