Growth Investing

This Income Investor's Dream is Cheap Again

A company that offers a high yield and solid growth potential is hard to come by, but this industry leader offers both.

by Tom Hutchinson | April 02, 2010
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How Obama Instantly Created $2.2 Billion in Investor Wealth

The President's decision to open up certain coastal areas for drilling bodes well for an extremely undervalued sector.

by Andy Obermueller | March 31, 2010
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Two Paths to Greener Pastures for this Stock

While the threat of decreased subsidies for green energy in the United States and Europe is growing, Asia's commitment to clean power is charging ahead. That's why investors should look to this company for their green energy fix.

by David Sterman | March 31, 2010
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Inside the Numbers: Undervalued Commodity Stocks

Commodity prices can be a boom-or-bust affair. But when times are lean, commodity-oriented companies can present tremendous opportunities for value-minded investors. Here are the best bargains in commodity stocks right now...

by Brad Briggs | March 30, 2010
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Five Keys to Long-Term Profits

There's no magic formula for companies to be successful. But if a company has these five key attributes, it's in the best position to keep growing profits -- and lining your pockets with outsized returns along the way.

by Nathan Slaughter | March 30, 2010
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You Could See +19% Gains With This Pharma ETF

As the U.S. government passes the landmark healthcare bill, this exchange-traded fund could see a quick +19% gain.

by Melvin Pasternak | March 29, 2010
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What Can We Learn from an Oil Legend's Portfolio?

Legendary energy tycoon T. Boone Pickens hasn't been in the spotlight much recently as in the past, but his hedge fund's recent filing can give us a glimpse at what he's up to...

by Brad Briggs | March 26, 2010
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Chinese Consumers Love This Brand

A local appliance-maker has been building a strong following in recent years. Learn more about the massive growth potential of this company.

by David Sterman | March 25, 2010
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This Small Biotech Firm's Shares Could Rocket in the Next 30 Days

This development-stage biotech company expects good news on its liver cancer treatment within the month. And FDA approval could come next year.

by Anthony Haddad | March 25, 2010
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The Ultimate Emerging Market Stock

This heavy equipment maker should benefit from a pair of powerful global trends.

by David Sterman | March 24, 2010